Rector’s Message


Our university is a higher education institution which maintains the education, science research and social responsibility missions with an understanding based on “respecting the hard work, people, science” and “rationalist solution principles.” Since 1997, our philosophy that establishes the base for our Foundation has been our primary aim to increase our goals and values day by day and update them with a sharing-oriented understanding and common sense following the necessities of the time with our academic and administrative staff, our point of pride students and well-equipped graduates who make the difference. One of our primary goals is to work in coherence with technological developments such as “artificial intelligence” and “digitalization” while securing our university's current value and location.

We aim to raise young individuals who have the ability to digital learning skills within the scope of these primary goals, developing creative projects, can express themselves without holding themselves back, who have free thoughts and conscience. Our university has reached large masses with its skilled academic staff and innovative understanding, with a great number of students and ever-increasing graduates, with joint social responsibility projects and will continue to reach.

To increase the employment in accordance to developments of our country and internationally, creating the qualified person source, diversifying with many projects which will provide many items such as economic benefits is yet another important goal.

The only way to become a brand is to work for developing our values and protect them holistically. Our Institution always has this awareness and will continue to have.

Welcome to Istanbul Kültür University which successfully reflects the meaning of its name in every field with a climate that fuels the lifelong learning passion, the ecosystem that feeds the scientific thought.
With love and respect.