Rector’s Message

Prof. Dr. Erhan GüzelGreetings,

Universities are institutions that pursue the truth, prioritizing the reasoning process before the emotional process in the philosophical debate, and they create environments that allow individuals to realize the truth by seeing and discussing.

The truth being sought is the only authority that will resolve the helplessness of mankind, nature or society in the face of problems; truth will alleviate their pain and will be able to resist prejudice, taboo, dogma and arbitrary privileges.

This quest is not easy, but even though we know it is not easy, we also know that it is not impossible. As a university that prioritizes entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and creativity, and creates a global and local added value, Istanbul Kültür University always strives to be better at education and research in accordance with the understanding that has been formed through 58 years of educational accumulation of Kültür Educational Institutions.

We also cooperate by discussing in a civilized manner and without alienating, discriminating or making any concessions to the principles of the freedom of thought and respect, for effort in social responsibility in which cultural development is prioritized aside from education and research.

Prof. Dr. Erhan Güzel