IKU’s Mission & Vision and Goals (for the 2018-2022 Academic Years).

Depending on the mission, vision and  values of İstanbul Kültür University, the Strategic Plan that its' objectives are implemented in four-year periods are accordingly determined and realized.


IKU’s mission is to give high-quality education to the youth who will shape the future, and to increase the number of scientific, artistic and cultural activities.


To become a prestigious university in national and international arenas in the fields of education, scientific research and public service.

IKU’s goals for the 2018-2022 period:


GOAL 1: While carrying out educational activities in a creative and contemporary manner on one hand, to gain talented and successful students and to support them academically throughout their university education on the other.


GOAL 2: To increase performance in research, and to develop in entrepreneurship and innovation.


GOAL 3: To design a sustainable structure for attaining the goal of internationalisation.


GOAL 4: To carry out all the processes to increase the success of the institution in coordination, integration and as system-based, and also to gauge them and to increase the rate of positive outcomes.


One of the most important goals of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan of IKU is to form a performance management system that will support the decision-making process of all the internal partners in the governing body so that they can carry out their planned activities. The fulfilment of all the goals in this plan will be periodically monitored, all the inadequacies that might emerge will be corrected, and the dynamism and sustainability of the plan will be maintained. The performance indicators that will be used in this process and that have been mentioned in this report will be reviewed for suitability for the system, and if needed, revisions will be made accordingly. One of the most important priorities of the University is to put the Strategic Plan into action, to get it adopted by all the internal partners and to keep the spirit of it alive.
All the units will regularly upload the rates of their performance attainments regarding their aims and goals, and their files of evidences to the webpage to be created by the Department of Information Systems and Technologies. All the units under the governance of the Rector’s Office will be monitored monthly regarding their attainment of aims and goals and indication of performances. The administrative units under the governance of the Secretary General’s Office will be monitored by the Secretary General in  monthly meetings, and the reports about them will be submitted to the Rector’s Office on a monthly basis. As it is aimed to identify the problems that might emerge in quality studies alongside Strategic Plan studies, this work has been designed integrally for both IKU Quality Assurance System and IKU Quality Commission works, and thanks to this, these two studies will be carried out together in coordination.

All the academic and administrative units are producing their annual and five-year action plans, and each unit is drawing a road map to attain its main goals. In this sense, the Strategic Plan functions as a guide for all the internal partners.

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