General Secretariat

The Secretary General is the highest authority in the administrative structure of the university and is responsible to the Rector for the working, supervision and control of this structure. The Secretary General is also a rapporteur member of the University Senate and the Board of Directors without the right to vote.

The Secretary General, apart from the administrative duties, shall carry out the following duties together with the affiliated units:

  • Acting as a rapporteur at University Senate and University Board of Directors meetings without taking part in voting; making sure that the decisions that are made in these meetings are recorded, stored and preserved.
  • Ensuring that the units in the administrative organization of the university work efficiently, systematically and in harmony. Performing the duties in line with the relevant laws and regulations, as well as the Board of Directors and Senate decisions and within the scope of the policies they frame.
  • Notifying the university units about the decisions of University Senate and University Board of Directors.
  • Handling all bureaucratic and administrative matters of the university through the Directorates and other affiliated units.
  • Ensuring that the units in the administrative organization of the university work efficiently, systematically and in harmony.
  • Making suggestions to the rector regarding hiring to the university’s administrative organization.
  • Bringing together competent administrative staff that will carry out their administrative duties, in order for the university to reach its goals and objectives.
  • Arranging, monitoring and ensuring the implementation of activities of the units within the General Secretariat.
  • Carrying out the necessary work to determine the agenda of the Board of Directors and the Senate.
  • Representing the university before public institutions such as the Ministry, Governorate, Municipality, etc.
  • Carrying out the annual budget work of the university and coordinating the relevant directorates accordingly.
  • Implementing, monitoring and accomplishing the decisions of the Board of Directors and the Senate.
  • Arranging the protocol, visitation and ceremonial matters of the Rectorship and Press and Public Relations Unit.
  • Carrying out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors, the Senate and the Rector in accordance with Laws, Rules and Regulations.
Ender Rıza EkiciEnder Rıza Ekici
Secretary General
Extension: 4710
Zuhal Çıtır
Zuhal Çıtır
Vice Sevretary General
Extension: 4173
Müyesser Şenay
Müyesser Şenay
General Secretariat Assistant
Extension: 4710
Erdem Yücesan
Erdem Yücesan
Quality Management Representative 
Extension: 4689
Gülbin Gökçe Bekar
Gülbin Gökçe Yeşilbudak
Information and Document Management Spec.
Extension: 4654
Hafize Karlı
Hafize Karlı
Editorial Specialist
Extension: 4553
Hafize Karlı
Ebrar Ulukaya
Information and Document Management Assist. Spec.
Extension: 4223
  • Department of Information Systems and Technologies
  • Directorate of Support Services
  • Department of Corporate Communication 
  • Department of Library and Documentation
  • Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs
  • Directorate of Student Affairs
  • Department Of Human Resources
  • Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports
  • Directorate of Construction and Technical Affairs
  • Directorate of Corporate Information Management
  • Directorate of Purchasing 
  • Directorate of Strategy and Reporting
  • International Office

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