Student Council

The Student Council is a body established by the votes of students, and represents students in the upper administrative bodies of the university.

The IKU Student Council fulfills the task of representing the university youth, taking into account the importance of the dynamism of the youth for society.

Every managing body inherently needs aid and control mechanisms. The role of the IKU Student Council is to contribute to the institution's being a scientific home, keeping in mind that the main focus of the university is the student.

The university is not just a curriculum and books; it is also an institution where the individual prepares for social life. In this context, the way of an advanced society only passes through the universities where the foundation of interpersonal skills and solidarity is firmly laid.

Accordingly, the IKU Student Council contributes by representing students within the institution. It aims to defend and improve student rights and ensures that studies are conducted to lead all universities.

Every student can contribute to the work of the Student Council and get in contact with the Council to join work groups.

Students can take steps to solve all their problems by first communicating with departmental representatives and then with faculty representatives (or by monitoring the cases in person).

A deliberate individual does not dream of escaping from his place as soon as possible, but rather contributes to the elimination of the shortcomings there.

Head of Student Council Orkun Karamustafa Faculty of Engineering
Co-Head of Student Council Abdullah Enes Yakut Faculty of Science and Letters
Secretary General Mehmet Buğra Özcan Faculty of Law
Bookkeeper  Mehmet Salih Erhan Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Education Supervisor Dilruba Şahin Faculty of Education
Public Relations Supervisor Olcay Doğan Faculty of Art and Design
Working Groups Supervisor  Emirhan Tiryaki Vocational School
Health, Sports and Culture Supervisor Sanem Yalçın Faculty of Health Sciences
International Relations Supervisor  Aleyna Pınar Vocational School of Justice 
President Dilruba Şahin Faculty of Education
Member  Mehmet Buğra Özcan Faculty of Law
Member Mehmet Salih Erhan Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
President  Aslıhan Demir Faculty of Architecture
Vice President Özlem Reis Graduate Institute of Education


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