Directorate of Purchasing

"Our information belongs to the past, our decisions are for the future." Earl Wilson.

For T.C. İstanbul Kültür University, purchasing has a strategic importance in the growth, profitability, the proper use of IKU's resources and accordingly on the way of achieving its objectives.

İstanbul Kültür University Purchasing Department is in charge of the procurement of materials, devices and services of the university. Our policy is to supply materials, products and services from our suppliers both at the highest standards of business ethics and in the most appropriate conditions.

Our suppliers play an important role in T.C. İKU’s performance. Our goal, in our vision of being innovative, is to provide high quality, cost effective products and services by making use of our suppliers’ knowledge, and both integrating them as a solution partner and also part of our family.

Last Update Date: Tue, 25/04/2023 - 10:46