Istanbul Kültür University (IKU) Head of the Board of Trustees Dr. Bahar Akıngüç Günver published a message regarding the IKU agenda which has changed with the New Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

My Dear Kültür Family,

We are in a period where we understand the value of being able to enjoy life with excitement and without calculations like children. Despite all the restrictions of the pandemic, we celebrated April 23 with the message "Embracing the Future with Hope is in Our Kültür". Each of our National Holidays is very valuable, but April 23 is different. I sincerely congratulate all of my colleagues and our children who show effort and patience with us adults on April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day. I also share the article "Waiting for Tomorrow" by journalist Zeynep Oral and would like to remind once again the importance of today, which has been given to the future of our country, the tomorrows, children, and us educators. We will leave these times behind and we will have many holidays that we will meet with our children and young people at our schools as soon as possible and celebrate with enthusiasm as before. I believe this wholeheartedly.

My Dear Kültür Family,

The pandemic has affected many industries economically. Its ending, or at least all the predictions regarding keeping it under control, were shaken by the fact of mutation. It is a fact that it took longer than we expected. The corona virus has come to our closest. With the crisis and its accompanying side effects, our future concerns are rightly increasing. There is another thing that is at least as difficult as managing the crisis in such times, which is the confusion of information and interpretation. I observe that unreal information and comments about events and situations have recently affected our working climate.

My Dear Colleagues,

Every individual in academic and administrative staff and working, independent of his/her degree, is a member of our Kültür Family and is very valuable. Our university that you are a member of; despite the many crises in Turkey and the world, has come to this day with the values of Kültür College, which has been surviving for 61 years without compromising the principle of "Labor is sacred" and standing with its solid equities.

Sure, what we experience is a unique time. All businesses both in our country and in the world experience the effects of the pandemic directly or indirectly. This period will have different consequences as well as its own difficulties. As in every sector, we take various steps to ensure sustainability. However, no matter how difficult the conditions are, in the history of Kültür, the rights of education workers are always prioritized and carefully observed. There is no change in our processes, especially in the payment of salaries. The rights of our colleagues at all levels are very valuable to us. I can assure you in this regard.

In this period when all of us pass various tests, it is important to reach real knowledge. For this, we need to be louder and clearer in communication. I would like you to contact our Human Resources Department regarding the way we work and your social and economic rights. Transparency in communication is one of our fundamental responsibilities towards each other in order to get out of the crisis environment healthy and to manage the future correctly. The solution to the confusion of knowledge and interpretation lies in the internalization of the values ​​in the Kültür Constitution.

My Dear Kültür Family,

Lately, I often think of the note that our Honorary President Master of Civil Engineer Fahamettin Akıngüç wrote to a newspaper section years ago: "Quo vadis?" a question that we come across in many places. 'Where are we going?'

It is recommended not to make long-term plans in times of crisis. But our job is the future. Therefore, the question of "Where Are We Going?" is important to all of us. We are trying to eliminate learning losses at a certain level with complementary training solutions. A very important part of our business processes have been moved to digital. How will our work life be after the pandemic? On-campus and remote working go hand in hand with a certain balance and efficiency. At this point, the question of where are we going now is much more important. It is nearly halfway through the spring semester. During this period, our students experience losses that are sometimes difficult or even impossible to compensate. How will these losses be reflected in the future? New young people will join us. Young people prepared for the exam with restrictions. What will we offer them, what should we offer? The 2021-2022 fall semester should already be on our agenda. How prepared are we for the 2021-2022 academic year? What should we do for the structural and content-related changes we call "New Way", new designs that put the student at the center in the post pandemic period, and the development of the curriculum?

As the senior management of Istanbul Kültür University, our aim is to plan the post-pandemic well and to overcome this process without shaking, with an identity based on the values in the Constitution of Kültür, which inspires all our employees in the future, encourages cooperation and teamwork, makes education and training service a meaningful business. Your thoughts and opinions on this journey are very valuable to me.

Dr. Bahar Akıngüç Günver
İKÜ Head of the Board of Trustees