One of the IEEE IKU Club TEKNOFEST teams, IKU Red Wings won the opportunity to compete in the final for the third time. As one of the well-established teams of TEKNOFEST, IKU Red Wings has successfully represented our university as a finalist in TEKNOFEST 2021 and 2022. Our team will face off the other teams for the top spots this year.

The UAV, named "HÜMA" by IKU Red Wings was developed to perform the two main missions of the competition, "Combating UAV" and "Kamikaze UAV". In the "Combating UAV" mission, the UAV will detect the rival UAV targets in case of dog fight and successfully shoot the targets in the virtual environment, while at the same time trying to avoid possible deadlock situations by the rival UAVs. In the "Kamikaze UAV" mission, the UAV will autonomously detect ground targets positioned on the competition and track from different angles of vision. It will successfully complete the detection by performing the necessary maneuvers according to the distance between the target and the UAV. The members of our team, whose flight trials have continued successfully as a result of multidisciplinary studies, consist of students from the Department of Computer Engineering and the Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering.

Last Update Date: Mon, 03/04/2023 - 10:21