Istanbul Kültür University Vocational School Program of Banking and Insurance organized an e-seminar titled “Employee Experience in the Banking Sector During Pandemic Period”. Cenk Akıncılar, Deputy General Manager of Human Resources at QNB Finansbank, was the guest of the event, where Head of the Program of Banking and Insurance Evening Education Lecturer Berrak Köten was the moderator.

Cenk Akıncılar, who stated that the world is in a process of great transformation with the pandemic, pointed out that the priorities of companies and employees, the way they experience and their areas are changing. Akıncılar stated that the expectations for the period after the pandemic differ at the level of managers and employees. He stated that working remotely and a mixed model will affect employer preferences of employees, and working remotely with new talents will affect employer preference.

Cenk Akıncılar explained that while business priorities, organization, human / leadership / organization priorities, workforce and working model plan are the areas that can be changed in the short and medium term; purpose, vision, values and culture are the ones that can be changed with long-term approach and planning. Akıncılar who addressed working models in general under 4 headings, explained the human, structure, process and technology & infrastructure elements in the business world with examples. He gave information about the headings of the working models regarding human and human-related issues, the differences that may arise in the current and future working style and the organizational structure, the changes and transformations that may occur in the working order in general, the technology that emerges and is likely to emerge in the future, including security, and related work-investments.

Akıncılar who answered the questions of Program of Banking and Insurance students and academicians participating in the e-seminar, gave advice to students who want to work in banks.;

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