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The Visiting Scholar Program offers experienced scholars in the field of Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics and Molecular Spectroscopy an opportunity to spend 6-12 months with a multidisciplinary team of researchers and to contribute to the knowledge base of the Istanbul Kultur University. Visiting scholar program (VSP@IKU) offers the opportunity to work on applicants’ own original research that aligns with the main areas of research of the program.

This collaboration is expected to lead to the preparation and execution of joint activities such as publications and research projects. VSP@IKU admits applications from all levels of seniority (h-index > 45) and all countries in the research fields mentioned above.

VSP@IKU provides research facilities for scholars, including a fully equipped shared office, access to the laboratories associated with the related program and libraries and full participation in the academic and social activities. 

Admission Requirements
Researchers wishing to apply for the Visiting Scholar Program must submit below documents:

  • Application Form
  • Research Proposal 
  • CV

Applications shall be sent by email ( addressed to the Human Resources Department of  Istanbul Kultur University . Deadline for application is 30/04/2023.

Benefits package will be sent upon request.

Application Form


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