Prof. Dr. Nihal Sarıer, one of the academicians of the Department of Civil Engineering, received the second international patent registration, which is the outcome of the "TÜBİTAK 1001 Project" numbered 213M281, of which she is the producer. Patent owner of Istanbul Kültür University; Prof. Dr. Nihal Sarıer (İKÜ) and Prof. Dr. Emel Önder Karaoğlu (İTÜ) are named as the inventors in 2020 International patent application titled “WEBS WITH COAXIAL NANOFIBER STRUCTURE, A TEXTILE PRODUCT CONTAINING THESE WEBS AND A PREPARATION METHOD THEREOF, A TEXTILE PRODUCT CONTAINING THESE NETWORKS AND A PREPARATION METHOD”

It was accepted as a patent by WIPO (The World Intellectual Property Organization) and was registered in the UK. Our professor's patented invention is about coaxial nanofiber structured bonds and a textile product and the making of this product that contains nanocomposite bonds which is capable of heat management in low temperature (T<18°C), normal temperature (18°C<T<43°C) and high temperature (43°C<T<70°C)

About the Invention

Within the scope of this patent; Fatty Acid Esters (FAE) (alkyl esters or vinyl esters) of different chain lengths are used as the core, poly(acrylo nitrile) (PAN) and polymethacrylic acid-co-ethyl acrylate (PMEA) are used as the shell, heat capacities are 36–110 Jg. Coaxial nanofiber structured bonds of the -1 order, fiber diameters varying between 270 – 300 nm, smooth, cylindrical, capable of thermal cycling, at the same time thermally and chemically stable, thin, flexible, and mechanically resistant were produced. Textile-based composites containing nanofiber structured bonds have been prepared. Nanocomposites containing YAE in the low temperature range have a high potential to be used as temperature-controlled packaging materials in transportation and storage in the cold supply chain. It can also be used as inner packaging material in the transport boxes of medical products such as medicines, blood and blood derivatives, serum and biomedical products that need to be stored and transported below a certain temperature (2oC<T<18oC).

It can be used in the storage and transportation containers (T<0oC) of convenience foods such as ice cream,cooked fish and meat, and cold drinks. Another important application area may be biotechnology. Cold therapy supplies can be made of it. In the normal temperature range, nanofiber structured composites containing PCM have a high potential to be used for thermal comfort. These can be listed as ; Biomedical material for thermal therapy, wearable thermal sensors, personal protective equipment clothing for cold and hot climate athletes, soldiers and outdoor workers. Nanofiber structured composites containing PCM have high potential to be used for heat storage in the high temperature range. These can be listed as ; clothing systems, solar energy panels, thermoelectric system designs and electronic circuit protections for very hot climates. These nanocomposites can be used separately, or by combining composites containing PAN-YAE or PMEA-YAE, or generally Polymer-YAE nanonetworks, which are functional in different temperature ranges, they can be used in buildings, tents and similar shelters, vehicles such as cars and planes, temperature-controlled transportation, and medical applications.

 We congratulate our esteemed professor for this valuable work and wish her continued success.

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