Foreign Language Education

Istanbul Kültür University, taking the foreign language needs of the students as world citizens into consideration, aims to raise conscious individuals who can think and produce across the world and can express themselves on international platforms. IKU, with the Department of Foreign Languages and İKÜTÜMER (Turkish Course) within its body, teaches English and Turkish languages by enriching them with cultural and linguistic elements, and aims to enable the students to use these languages in the areas of education and business in the future.

With the developments that are provided by technology, the need for foreign languages is increasing day by day. Due to the increase of business areas in our country and the acceleration of international trade relations, knowledge of foreign languages and their active use have become the most important required quality in being accepted to jobs. Moreover, one foreign language in your CV may no longer be enough. In addition to English, which is regarded as the international language, you may need a second or third foreign language, depending on the commercial relations of companies.

Your foreign language proficiency determines your position in the business world and puts you at the forefront in reaching your career goals. Furthermore, you will also realize how important it is to use the language actively, rather than only knowing the language while you are climbing the career ladder. Unless you can fluently speak a foreign language, it is often not enough to have excellent grammar and a rich vocabulary. If you want to keep up with the increasing competition and challenging business standards, you should choose the most efficient method.

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