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Our Mission and Goals


Istanbul Kultur University Department of Foreign Languages provides the education of foreign languages in preparatory and department classes.

Our Mission

As the Foreign Languages Department of Istanbul Kultur University, our Mission is;

  • to provide students of English Medium Departments in Istanbul Kultur University with English Language Skills necessary for both their academic studies at their faculties and during the careers after graduation,
  • to provide a modern training for students whose level in English is insufficient with the basic language skills (reading comprehension / writing / listening / speaking) to help them continue their courses in departments,
  • to help our students gain the ability to follow courses and other learning activities in English, to follow any kind of publication related to their departments, to contribute to seminars and discussions effectively, and to use English both in their Professional and social lives,
  • to raise individuals who can use Information Technologies in language learning effectively, are self-confident, equipped with multi-dimensional and independent critical thinking abilities, and conscious of social responsibilities.

Our Vision

As the Foreign Languages Department of Istanbul Kultur University, our Vision is;


  • to create an Academic English Program that meets the language needs of Istanbul Kultur University students,
  • to raise the quality level of education as much as possible, and to find rational solutions to problems related to English of our students,
  • to be able to continue language learning out of the classroom by using Training Technologies actively,
  • within the general academic, scientific, and pedagogical vision frame of our university, to develop critical thinking, to follow the truth, the facts and to search for progression, innovation, and the best,
  • to raise students who has skills to study and can use strategies to reach information effectively,
  • for our students to get skills of effective communication, research, critical and creative thinking that they can use in their both Professional and social lives.

Our Basic Principles


As the Foreign Languages Department of Istanbul Kultur University, our Basic Principles are;

  • to help our students be more participating in and out of classroom by using technology,
  • to support and guide students in gaining responsibility of lifelong learning,
  • to contribute to the success and prestige of Istanbul Kultur University both nationally and internationally,
  • to contribute to the development of our students as independent individuals respecting ethical values, responsible, open to criticism and questioning, with an ability to work as a team, in search of perfection, and welcoming to any changes in their academic and professional lives.