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Alumni Relations

Since its foundation, Istanbul Kültür University has been among the prestigious universities of Turkey with its students, academic and administrative staff, and graduates. İKÜ further improved its place among the top universities of Turkey and the world with the success stories of its graduates. Moving into the professional life with the prestigious credentials of Istanbul Kültür University, our graduates serve all over the world as professionals with sound work ethics and respect towards science, technology, society and human rights.

Istanbul Kültür University sustains its relationship with its alumni through its Student Life, Career and Alumni Advisory Unit (ÖYKMDB). By updating the alumni data, maintaining the communication with the alumni and improving their career opportunities, ÖYKMDB contributes to the creation and improvement of an alumni network at İKÜ.

The Student Life, Career, and Alumni Advisory Unit (ÖYKMDB) was established to serve the valuable alumni of Istanbul Kültür University.


The goals of ÖYKMDB

  • To strengthen the ties between the university and the alumni, to enhance cooperation between alumni and to support the development of our university and our students with the help of our alumni.
  • ÖYKMDB strategically supports the unity, participation, İKÜ identity and thus, the alumni network by providing valuable programs for our alumni throughout their life.
  • Therefore, ÖYKMDB keeps our alumni informed about our events and career opportunities by constantly updating the alumni information.