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About Us

Atatürk’s Principles and History of Revolution Research and Application Center  (ATAMER):

İKÜ Atatürk’s Principles and Revolution History Research and Application Center, has been established, with the approval of our University Senate during the session dated September,16 1999, in accordance with the article: 7, paragraph d(2), of the Board of Higher Education Law no: 2547, and entered into force after the approval publication of the organization and regulation at the “Official Newspaper” dated “21.03.2000” and no: “23996” published by the Council of Ministers.

Upon entry into force of the Regulation of İKÜ Atatürk’s Principles and Revolution History Research and Application Center, by the publication at Official Newspaper, Prof. Dr. İsmet Giritli who was an instructor of our Faculty of Law has been assigned as manager of the Center, the Center which is created by taking action starting with the beginning of the academic year 1999 - 2000, has organized at our university many meetings and activities with the participation of both teaching staff and students by taking into consideration the education,edification and orientation plan prepared by the Presidency of the Board of Higher Education in 1985 intended for both teaching staff and students.


The aim and reponsibilities of the center can be summarized as follows:

- The Center initiates independent research projects. Builds up it’s own document collections and specialized library and archives. Takes necessary precautions in order to promote existent book donation.

- Realizes research related to resounding orators which are experts in their fields concerning our subject, convenes causeries, conferences in different conference rooms of our campuses on our national official days with the participation of our students and teaching staff, by realizing this contributes to the promotion of an intellectual milieu inside the borders of our university.

- The manager of the Center is at the same time the advisor teacher of Kemalist Thinking Club (A.D.K.). Realizes workshops with club member students with the aim of adapting and promoting more strongly the Atatürk’s Principles and on the way of realization of this goal, is in continious interaction with members, helps and give guidance to them in organizing causeries and conferences realized by experts invited to our university.

- Realizes commonly with A.D.K. trips to regions which have importance in our Revolution History and museums.

- By publishing unperiodically publications related to the subject in our İstanbul Culture University’s publications at specific dates of the year which are sent to related private and official institutions and organizations gives support to the reinforcing of Kemalist Thinking.