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Community Service

-Sakarya Gevye Doğantepe Boarding School Trip and Building a Library (May, 6, 2014)

-Training for Teachers on "Assessment and Evaluation" in collaboration with  Bakırköy Local Ministry of Education (May, 2014)

-TED Karabük College (April, 2014)

-Seminar for Doğa College students (April, 2014)

-İzmir Saint Joseph High School, "My Career Journey" (March, 2014)

-İzmir Fen Bilimleri Private Teaching Institution (March, 2014)

-Seminar for Bağcılar Anatolian High School students, "Technology and Learning" (February, 2014)

-Enka Schools, "Career and Balance" (January, 2014)

-Kültür College Students, "My Carreer Journey" (December, 2013)

-Kültür Schools "Parent School" Seminars, "Keeping the Balance as Parents " (December, 2013)

-Çerkezköy - Seminar for School Administrators, "Balance in Leadership" (November, 2013)

-Tekirdağ - Seminar for School Administrators, In collaboration with Namık Kemal University AB Project (October, 2013)