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After published in Official Gazette of April 12th, 2009, Geomatic Application Research Center (GEOMER) was established with the aim of having research, project, publication and similar studies in the areas of geomatic, natural disasters and atmospheric sciences with national and international partners.

GEOMER has been in charge of the administration of one of the CORS-TR Control Centers as a part of its main objectives. CORS-TR system that was successfully established by our university is described as a revolution in its area since it can provide the sub-cm precise positioning in entire Turkey for 7-days and 24-hours. The backbone of this system is the reference stations those compute their positions within mm tolerance at every second. One of the Control Centers (CC) was installed in our university. Hence, the obtained position data from the reference stations will be employed in the national and international scientific research and application projects. 

GEOMER is currently carrying on the projects of “Ionosphere and Troposphere modeling and the monitoring of the crustal deformations by CORS-TR data” (470,000TL).

Prof.Dr. Turgut Uzel and Prof. Dr. Kamil Eren were invited to University of Miami and MIT where they presented CORS-TR project. The success of CORS-TR in such a short time was found very encouraging by the academicians from the both universities and they proposed to collaborate in projects for the future. In the center, the numerous projects with the collaboration of the major Turkish universities and the well-known foreign universities will be performed.