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Dean’s Message

First of all, wholeheartedly, I congratulate you all to have the first step into the professional education regarding right and justice. I welcome and wish you all to be successful during your education.

Istanbul Kultur University Law Faculty started to provide the education in 1999. Since 2012-2013 academic years, it has 905 students, qualified and wide academic staff.

We have purposed to provide the qualified, sophisticated, modern legal education since the foundation. To achieve the aim, the Law Faculty carries on its educational activities within the framework of the Great Leader Atatürk’s ideal of reach to western civilization, state of law based on human rights, secularism, parliamentarian democracy and social rights. The essence of our educational policy can be reworded as the Kemalist and modern education that is the reviser of a destiny of a nation, motive that is directed to from the dark past to enlightened future. Notwithstanding, the education of law does not mean only to teach the positive law, legislations, regulations and bylaws.

Beyond this education manner, our aim to educate young lawyers who avoid rote-learning in their manners, measure legal issues with the scales of logic and conscience, have skills to interpret modernly, balance own adverse interests truthfully and pertinaciously, defense vulnerable people. We graduate virtuous and qualified young lawyers to the way of right and justice that provides great authorities and grants big responsibilities. I give my best wishes for young lawyers, who are judges, prosecutors, advocates, academicians to be and guardians of the territorial unity, basic qualifications of the Turkish Republic, peace and order. The Law Faculty has progressed since its foundation. Especially in recent years, it has interrelated academically with several faculties of European universities in particular to Germany and Austria, and the Law Faculty has a very respectful reputation by organizing and attending national and international congresses, symposiums, scientific meetings.

I wish you deep success during the education period and give my best wishes in the belief that you will be beneficial to society.



                                                                                    Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c.mult. Bahri ÖZTÜRK

                                                                                   (Dr.h.c. Justus-Liebig Uni.Germany)

                                                                                                  Dean of Law Faculty