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About Us

Our Vision

To educate innovative and modern Architects, Interior Architects and Environmental Designers who are prepared to serve for the benefit of society at national and international levels with their professional knowledge, skills and experience as well as showing respect for the environmental and ethical values. This desire is achieved via collaboration of knowledge, research and practice in a student-oriented education model.


Our Mission

The Department of Architecture and the Department of Interior Architecture & Environmental Design, both operating under the Faculty of Architecture, have the main objective of strengthening national and international recognition and relations. To achieve this goal, motivating activities are supported with knowledge, research and practice, collaboration and production of joint projects with other disciplines are encouraged thus civilized, modern, creative, innovative, inquisitive and dynamic architects and interior architects are being educated with abilities to follow and benefit from the latest developments in technology, respecting the interests of the public and ethical values and improving with aesthetic values. Our faculty, with its high scientific value of research, publications, practices and social responsibility projects, aims to raise awareness in the  community, contribute to the development and progress of the country, produce responsive solutions to environmental and historical values, integrate national identity with global virtues, contribute knowledge to the creation of a qualified physical and social environment, and pass on these achievements to future generations.     

Our History

The Department of Architecture of Istanbul Kültür University was established on December 11, 1997, when Prof. Dr. Önder ÖZTUNALI was in charge as a rector, with the contributions of the Dean of Engineering and Architecture Faculty Prof. Dr. Okay EROSKAY, Prof. Dr. Hasan KARATAŞ (ITU, Faculty of Architecture), Prof. Dr. İmre ORHON (ITU, a retired faculty member), Prof. Dr. Turgut ÖVÜNÇ (YTU, a retired faculty member) and Prof. İrdesel GÖGÜŞ (YTU, a retired faculty member). The Head of Department was Prof. Dr. Koray GÖKAN between 1997-2002 and Turgut UZEL in 2002. 

Prof.Dr. Mehmet Şener KÜÇÜKDOĞU, who served as the Head of the Department between 2003-2011, reinvented the Department of Architecture by enriching the academic staff, reconfiguring the course plan with essential changes and increasing recognition both at national and international levels.

In this process, the educational models at the international level were examined, the United States and European norms of valid accreditation bodies were evaluated considering national values and needs, and an appropriate training program has been prepared respecting our mission. Our training program has been accredited in accordance with the European Transfer System and has been in practice since 2005. In respect of 2004-2005 academic year, international education models have been studied and five different master's degree programs were generated. In 2010, the Architecture Program was accredited for 3 years by Architectural Accrediting Board (MIAK). As of 2014, the accreditation of the same program was renewed for a specialized 6 year accreditation. 

In the academic year 2011-2012, a PhD program in Architecture was established under IKU Institute of Sciences, and in the same year the work towards ensuring compliance of Bachelor of Architecture and Master's Degree programs with Bologna criteria has been completed. On August 23, 2011, upon the announcement of decision by the Council of Ministers in official government gazette, the Faculty of Architecture was established, and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şener KÜÇÜKDOĞU was officially appointed as the founding Dean of the Faculty of Architecture on January 12, 2012. Prof. Dr. Neslihan DOSTOĞLU who was officially appointed to the Head of Department on June 26, 2012 still serves her duty as the Head of Department today. 

In the academic year 2012-2013, Bachelor of Architecture in English began its academic career upon the process of examining and evaluating national and international education programs of the Faculty of Architecture. With the Higher Education Executive Council's decision for December 30, 2015 dated meeting, the establishment of Istanbul Kültür University, the Department of Interior Architecture & Environmental Design has deemed appropriate. 

In the process following this decision, by February 8, 2016 and 89480013/286 numbered article of the Higher Education Executive Council, the Department of Interior Architecture & Environmental Design which was comprised under the Faculty of Art and Design was transferred to the Faculty of Architecture with its current students and academic staff has deemed appropriate.

The Department of Interior Architecture & Environmental Design was founded within the Faculty of Art and Design in 2001, and started its educational activities by the 2002-2003 academic year. After Prof. Dr Mete ÜNÜGÜR's passing, who was the founder and the Head of Department, between the years 2004-2006 Prof. Dr. Mustafa DEMİRKAN and between the years 2006-2014 Prof. Dr. Zafer ERTÜRK was appointed to the Head of Department respectively. In 2008, fundamental changes were performed regarding the educational activities for undergraduate and graduate levels of the Department. As the academic program was configured, a project-oriented education system supported with Architecture and Arts was proposed. Prof. Dr. Gülay USTA who was officially appointed to the Head of Department in 2014, still serves her duty as the Head of Department. 

Since 2004, "Interior Architecture" and "Environmental Design" Master's Degree programs with thesis are given at graduate levels within the Institute of Sciences, the Department of Interior Architecture & Environmental Design.