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Dean's Message


Dear Students,

Universities are places where the purpose is to prepare the students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Our university was founded seventeen years ago to achieve this goal and pursue this philosophy. Our aim is to raise our students to become ambitious, visionary, scientist, artist and entrepreneur graduates. We are determined to celebrate your graduation by bidding farewell to visionary and sophisticated adults. To achieve this aim, we are tirelessly working on joint projects with other universities in the World on the grounds of science, culture and education.


As a proud partner of European Union Erasmus Exchange Program, we have become an important part of the student and academic personnel exchange over these years. In this sense, we are eager to integrate science and culture with the World and raise a young generation with a passion to show ability in every platform. You will have every quality to cope with any obstacle when you leave our university as a proud graduate. For your part, you just need to response every opportunity in a best possible way.


The main target of our university is to prepare a quality education and social zone for the students. However, another important goal is supporting you to become responsible and respective adults under the guidance of the Principles of Kemal Ataturk. With respect to that, we will use and continue to use every opportunity to train you as respectable human beings who keep our country’s interest over personal benefits. To achieve this, our university continues to provide education as a place for modern and academic techniques. Since the beginning of its foundation, our university’s main principle is to observe and protect the Republic and Ataturk’s reforms. As Kultur family, we will take part in every project of art, culture and social responsibility besides our contributions to education. While we are preparing you to life, we also take responsibility to make you responsible, open-minded, careful, critical and free spirited adults. Our reference is your success. You should first trust yourself and then to us in this journey.

Prof. Dr. Ali Şen

Dean of Faculty