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Dean's Message


Faculty of Education is the newest faculty of İstanbul Kültür University, which is celebrating the 20th year of its foundation this year. Having inherited the “Kültür tradition”, which is known for bringing innovative ideas and practices to private education sector for more than 60 years, our Faculty has achieved a great success by having 100 % student intake in its opening year with two undergraduate programs. We are well aware that the trust in “Kültür” name in education has a significant effect on this success. 

We aim to make the İKÜ Faculty of Education the most original and innovative Faculty of Education in Turkey. We are sure to achieve this goal as we know what is being discussed and applied worldwide in terms of teacher education, and we know the problems of teacher training in Turkey. We accept Turkey’s rich background in terms of teacher education as an added value to be benefitted from. Today, while the “mechanical/methodological” aspect of teaching profession is taught effectively all around the world, we believe there is insufficient focus on teaching more implicit dimensions such as the “attitude”, “commitment” and “loyalty” to the profession. The underlying reason why old generation teachers, parents, and Ministry of National Education are not pleased with the current teachers graduating from education faculties in Turkey is the failure to meet the expectations related to “character education” for being a good teacher.

We are not going to teach you only the mechanical/methodological aspects of teaching profession. We aim to educate you as teachers who lead their students and colleagues, who act as mentors and role models. Based on the principle of “education in the job, for the job”, our biggest goal is to introduce you to the practices in authentic school settings in the early stages of your education and teach you the teaching profession with a hands-on approach. In a student-centered institution where democratic participation is encouraged, we know that you are going to collaborate with us in order to become leaders as teachers who are proficient in their fields, who know the different and contemporary teaching methods, who can develop new methods if needed, and who are innovative and creative.

Prof. Dr. Özge Hacıfazlıoğlu

 Vice Dean