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About Us

Having inherited the “Kültür tradition”, which is known for bringing continuous innovation to private education sector for more than 60 years, our faculty offers three undergraduate programs under the deanship of Prof. Dr. Özge Hacıfazlıoğlu These are English Language Teaching, Early Childhood Education and Psychological Counseling and Guidance.

Aiming to help teacher candidates to do their profession in the most effective way in local and international educational settings, Faculty of Education bases the process of teacher education on seven strategic areas.

-Teacher Education based on Clinical Experience

-Character Education and Public Service

-International and Intercultural Experiences in Teacher Education

-Interdisciplinary Perspective in Teacher Education

-Education and Teaching based on Action Research

-Experience Sharing Model: Events based on sharing among academic staff, teacher candidates, students, school executives and parents

-Scientific Contribution to the Field of Teacher Education at National and International Levels

Continuing the educational tradition of Kültür College, İstanbul Kültür University has fulfilled one of its biggest educational goals by opening the Faculty of Education, where the aim is to educate teachers who will teach how to learn. With the aim of providing teacher candidates with hands-on education based on “Clinical Experience”, “Character Education” and “Public Service” are among all our educational and social processes. Teacher candidates are educated in a way to acquire the competence needed to meet the demands of students from different countries thanks to the international and intercultural sharing environment in our university. Getting ready for their profession with an interdisciplinary perspective, teacher candidates will succeed in synthesizing the practices in different disciplines with the ones in their field. With the help of “Action Research” oriented education, our candidates will act as pioneers in developing educational activities in school settings and ensuring the continuous development of schools.

In parallel with this perspective, our teacher candidates are educated based on the “Sharing Experiences Model”, which will not only help them get ready for the profession but also facilitate their life-long learning within the profession. Course contents, course practices, education and teaching processes in our programs have been designed within this framework. This model is also supported with the events based on sharing among academic staff, teacher candidates, students, school executives and parents. This synergy of collaboration between our faculty and İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions is expanding day by day with the participation of schools in and out of İstanbul.

International research and development activities, which are one of the priorities of our faculty, are supported with the TÜBİTAK and European Union projects carried out by our academic staff. With these projects, we aim to contribute to the development of the schools in socio-economically disadvantaged regions and make a difference in a wider range of areas.