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Director's Message

Dear Students,

The primary indication of  the success of a higher educational institution is  the calibre of its students and graduates, and the success its graduates perform in life. In our educational system, we attach great importance to the following: Promoting  innovation in research, reaching the highest ethical standards, questioning the society we live in but also inspiring it, and developing well-chosen educational programs in terms of both theory and practice. Thank you for choosing our university, and I congratulate you all on your success.

In our college, we not only provide our students with theoretical knowledge in their fields but also with applied practical skills. For this reason, we concentrate on both applied courses and basic information that will enhance our students’ occupational skills. Our courses are continuously updated according to the demands and suggestions of related sectors. Under the leaderships of the teaching staff, all of whom are experts in their fields, each program in our institution aims to educate and graduate middle  managers for business sectors.
Having received their associate degrees, our students can transfer to undergraduate programs if they pass the external transfer exam. It is also possible to transfer to undergraduate programs abroad.

Dear students, we wish you all good luck in your studies during which we will always guide you and back you up. Please keep in mind that both  my team members and I are always ready to help you overcome your difficulties. We welcome you all to our school with very sincere feelings…

Assist.Prof. Dr.Tayfun KAYNAŞ