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Library Account


My Library Account


If you are a member of the library, you may open a “private session” using your member no and password. You may access your member no and your library account through our university’s website, monitor your books that are due, extend borrowing time or reserve new books.


The entrance screen used to open private session is located in the top right corner of the search website.


• Username :


• Password: UNIPASS password


Private Session Menus:


Personal Information:

This is a field where you can check and change your personal information. You can change your password in this field. You can ask for help from library personnel whenever there is a problem with your password. You can also update contact information in this field.


My Keepings: 

This is a field where you can check publications you borrowed and publications you still keep. Besides information related to the publication, you can also check date of borrowing and date of return in this field. The library management allows personnel to extend borrowing time through internet. The time extension icon in the field of “My Keepings” will be activated 2 days to the date of return. You can extend borrowing time by clicking on this icon. The borrowing time for any publication can be extended for one more time with the same period of time. If reservation is made on the publication whose borrowing time is going to be extended or if the publication is overdue, the time extension icon will not be activated; in that case, return of publication is required. If there is any overdue publication, no time extension is allowed for other publications that are not overdue.


My Returns: 

This is a field where you can access information related to the publications that you borrowed and returned.


My Archive: 

This field shows publications listed under “My Returns”, which you returned before.


My Reserves: 

This is a field where you can see your reserved publications. When you make a search through your private session, you can make reservation on materials which are borrowed by others. Thanks to reservation, when the material in circulation is returned, it will be kept in your behalf.


My Fields of Interest: 

This is a field that is activated when you enter a keyword in the ‘Field of Interest’ section under “Personal Information”. It is located between fields, “My Reserves” and “My List”. This is a field where new incoming publications are listed depending on the keyword you enter.


My List: 

When you make a search through your private session, you can add to your list the publications you desire. By using the icon (“Add to my selection list” icon) located in the far right of the records in the list of publications, which is opened in searches you make through your private session, you can add to your list the publications you desire and create your own publication list.


* Please remember to close the session by clicking the button next to your name in the top right corner after you are done with your private session.