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About Us






İstanbul Kültür University Foreign Languages Department provides its students with English Preparatory Education consisting of 4 tracks in two academic terms. Our primary objective in the first two tracks (Fall Term) is to improve the general English background of our students and to build up 4 main skills; Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, correlatively. In the third and fourth programs, having met in a common curriculum, our students start their academic English studies which will help them to succeed in their departments. In this respect, our objective is to establish the active participation of our students to the learning process. With the help of English Prep. Programme, our students contribute to the class environment with feedbacks, portfolios, in-class materials, assignments and in-class activities that are started and run by our English instructors. Our students are observed closely to improve their academic skills and these skills are assessed with various tools throughout the academic year.

Student-Centered Curriculum

In our department, we base our curriculum on the most contemporary methods of English Language Teaching which put the students in the center of in-class activities and aims to make the students an efficient user of the language. In this context, latest foreign language portals and sources that our students can use in our language labs are included in the materials we use. Furthermore, we teach our students how to learn and how to make use of their out of class time effectively.


On-Going Assessment

In our department, a continuous assessment system is used and we do not only concentrate on written exams. This ongoing assessment system has been adopted to follow our students’ achievements and to improve their regular studying habits. In addition, at the end of each academic year our students are given internationally recognized language exams.


In our on-going assessment system, we aim to improve our students’ learner autonomy and make them take their own responsibility by evaluating their portfolios which include the assignments they prepare during each track.




In order to improve our students’ creativity and their ability to analyze the language, we expect our students to prepare individual or group projects in each track on various subjects as a part of our on-going assessment system.