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Participant Views

Participant views about our program

    With the cooperation of Ostim Consultancy and IKUSEM, “Education Administration Program” by our lecturer Zafer Erkoç was presented between 17th and 22nd of November for the personnel of Ankara Chamber of Commerce. 

    Participant Views
-    Educational content was very comprehensive in terms of meeting the expectations.
-    By using system approach in education, the most up-to-date information was provided and examples from different parts of the world were given. Each one of us was given a vision.
-    Examples and documents given were functional.
-    Critical know-how information was presented to our institution.
-    The lecturer openly shared his ideas with us.
-    It was education with an educator with high added-value. 
-    Motivation was created and consciousness was raised about different aspects of education (for example: about KYS). We were informed about close-complementary topics as well.
-    A disciplined educator who takes his job seriously.
-    Very successful in terms of communicating with students and integrating the participants into the process of education.
-    He is very energetic, which he also reflected on the participants. During the whole training his performance did not go down.
-    He did not let the protests or reprimands happen, which was not managed well in previous trainings (for example: in previous trainings there were reprimands by the trainer about the participants to the organizers by saying that the knowledge levels of the participants’ were low and the organizers had not taught the participants the topic and the participants did not know why they were there etc.” and the protests by the participants saying that the training did not provide anything useful for them, and administrators from high status were those who actually needed it etc.”). He detected the level of the class and took the responsibility of increasing knowledge level and thus prevented any possible in-class conflicts.
-    For the first time after a training, we did not need to ask for help from a consultant as to how we could apply this information in our jobs or where we should start etc., and we know how to apply this directly. For these reasons, we thank Zafer Erkoç and present our availability and cooperation for the future projects and trainings. 
Ostim Center of Consultancy & Education (Ankara)
    Every institutionalized and institutionalizing company soon realizes the importance of the strategic role of human resources and administration. This program does not only help the human resources personnel but also the middle and high status administrators to develop their performance management efficiently. The program which is enriched by a complete handbook for administrators, ISO 9001:2000, provides the participants with a variety of gains presented by expert trainers with experience and knowledge. I thank Zafer Erkoç and training expert Nil Deadato who provided us with their support during the program. 
Kenan Akbulut
Mavi Jeans Head of Production Planning

It was a rich and comprehensive training supported by various documents, theoretical and practical information about applications in firms and basic knowledge in human resources and quality management. It was a training providing practical information that both fresh starters and experienced staff in human resources can easily attend and get something useful. I definitely recommend it to those who have “human resources” among their aims or in their life. I thank Lecturer Zafer Erkoç and Education Expert Nil Deadato and all academic staff who prepared this certificate program, shared their experience and knowledge with us.
Püren Özbay
Erak Giyim A.Ş.
Human Resources

İKUSEM Human Resources Management Expertise Certificate Program, which we attended in order to improve ourselves in our jobs, has proved we made the right decision, especially by teaching Human Resources Management and Quality Management System as a whole with its teaching staff involving professionals and experts in their own fields.

We thank the directors and organizers of this program, Lecturer Zafer Erkoç and Education Expert Nil Deadato, for their support.

Genpa A.Ş.
Human Resources

Dear Zafer,

I am extremely pleased with the 150-hour Integrated Management Systems Training Program, which I attended in TC İstanbul Kültür University, The Center of Continuing Education, Application and Research. I am writing to let you know my appreciation and thank you.

I have understood the efficiency of the training better when I faced problems after the program and when I got training in other places. I have learned a lot from you in terms of work life and career. I am still in contact with the lecturers in the program. They have never hesitated to help me. I would like to thank them as well.

I also thank İKUSEM.
Best regards.

Environmental Engineer
Integrated Management Systems Expert
Job Security Expert (B)

My aim in attending the Certificate Program for Human Resources Management Experts was to improve my theoretical knowledge in the field of human resources and gain practical experience for my job. I believe that the program met my expectations thanks to the variety of educational documents, lecturers who are experts in their own fields, and interactive studies suitable for application. I thank İstanbul Kültür University administrators and lecturers who prepared this certificate program and supported us throughout the course.

Yünsa A.Ş., Human Resources

Having a career in the field of human resources was one of my targets. When I decided to get the necessary training about 8 months ago, I searched for different kinds of training on human resources given by universities and private consultancy companies. Seeing that İstanbul Kültür University offers the longest and most comprehensive education, I decided to attend this program. Now I see that I made the right decision.
It was almost equal to a post-graduate program in human resources with its content, applications and lecturers. I thank lecturer Zafer Erkoç and all the other lecturers for this wonderful training.

Pfizer İlaçları LTD. ŞTİ, Student of Psychology Post-graduate Program

All employers today accept that Human Resources Management has a strategic importance in business competition and profitability; thus they require well-educated experts who can correctly carry out the system. I attended and benefited a lot from the “Human Resources Management & Applications Expertise” program which was organized by The Center of Continuing Education, Application and Research under the body of İstanbul Kültür University, and which contributed to the training of these new experts needed for the field. Therefore, I thank everyone involved in the preparation of this program.

Perfektüp, Human Resources Expert