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Health, Culture and Sports Department

    Our Health, Culture and Sports Directorate is being run by Dr. Dilek Baykal. Dilek Baykal graduated from the Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine at Istanbul University in 1993. She specialized in family medicine at Şişli Etfâl Teaching Hospital in 1999.

    A specialist doctor and a secretary serve at the İKÜ Ataköy Health Unit, whereas a nurse serves at each campus, which makes 4 nurses in total, and there are 2 psychologists, one of them serving part-time.

    Emergency examinations and interventions, medicinal support and treatment for various complaints, medical dressing, blood pressure and – when required – blood sugar measurements and ECG tests are available for all students and employees at the İKÜ health unit year-round. Routine examinations and patient evaluations are conducted at İKÜ Ataköy Campus Health Unit. If required, patients are kept in observations rooms and transferred to health institutions for further examinations and treatment. If patients wish, these procedures can be handled at partner hospitals at discounted rates. In addition, all required tests can be conducted at the İKÜ Health Unit’s partner laboratory at reasonable rates.

    İKÜ athletes’ health reports for sports licenses are issued by specialist physicians. Medical tests for licensed sportsmen and women are performed regularly on annual basis.


    The primary goal of the psychological counseling unit is to assist the personal, social and academic development of students and employees at İKÜ. It seeks to facilitate their adaptation to life at the university and the dorms, and help them gain the skills they require for this adaptation. Personal counseling sessions are voluntary and conducted in privacy. They allow the patients to develop the skills, which would help them overcome the problems they encounter in their personal lives.

    The informative brochures prepared by the İKÜ Psychological Counseling Unit help individuals, who are struggling with problems related to interpersonal relationships, anxiety and depression, loss and mourning. They give information on how to overcome these problems and others like stress, attention and concentration, adaptation to university and dorm life while also providing advice on coping, studying productively, and managing time effectively.

    All İKÜ students, their parents (families), all İKÜ employees and their relatives can benefit from our unit’s services. These services are free of charge and are carried out with care.

    *You may access the Student Health Services Unit Guidelines here