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Corporate Communication Directorate

    Welcome to the page of Corporate Communications Directorate.

    The ultimate goal of the Corporate Communications Directorate is to share all education, research and social responsibility efforts of Istanbul Kültür University within the institution and with the public in the fastest and most accurate way possible. We manage and improve our communication with our stakeholder network and the members of the education community for this purpose with the principle of 360 degree communication.

    Our unit, which carries out its activities through five divisions, namely Educational Institutions Relations, Intra-Institutional Relations and Organization, Press Relations, Digital Media, and Content Management, is located in İKÜ Ataköy Campus.

    We’d like to share that we have an open door policy at the Corporate Communications Directorate regarding İKÜ’s publicity and communication affairs. We’re happy to provide full support with our knowledge and experience as the Corporate Communications team.