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This directorate provides quick and reliable information/documentation services in a good-humored atmosphere by using advanced knowledge and technologies, and prioritizes the satisfaction of the students, academic staff and employees.

Services for the students is the fundamental duty of this unit, which ensures the planned education process is carried out efficiently by using high-quality technologies that meet international standards. It aims to provide healthy information/documentation services to students, alumni, academic staff, and relevant institutions and follow the regulations regarding registration, education and examinations at Bachelor’s and Associate levels in faculties and vocational schools.


As Student Affairs Directorate, our main goals are;

  • Supporting the development of educational regulations and guidelines,
  • Making sure that students have a transparent access to their rights and responsibilities,
  • Keeping the records of the students and courses in the most correct, secure, efficient and extensive way; providing access to information; contributing to the continuous improvement of the opportunities for the benefit of the students through various analyses,
  • Acting as a bridge between the university units regarding student affairs.

We work with the objective of providing services at international standards by satisfying the needs of our stakeholders, especially our students, with an innovative and proactive approach. We prioritize transparency, accessibility, reliability, equality and flexibility.