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Occupational Health and Safety Unit




TC Istanbul Kültür University Occupational Health and Safety Unit was founded in accordance with the Law no. 6331 on “Occupational Health and Safety”, in order to implement and monitor the requirements of the law on the campuses.

The responsibilities of the Occupational Health and Safety Unit are as below:

Handling and following up the medical examinations of the employees when they start the job and periodically.

Creating annual plans on Occupational Health and Safety and implementing them.

Performing a Risk Analysis in the workplace.

Preparing an Emergency Action Plan in the workplace. Doing drills for emergency evacuations.

Training the employees on Occupational Health and Safety.

Making observations in the workplace, reporting the observed problems to the employers and monitoring the process.

Expressing opinions on regulations in the workplace if necessary.

Making sure that the equipment and devices in the workplace are periodically maintained, controlled, and measured according to the regulations.

Making assessments on workplace accidents, occupational diseases and their diagnosis, and ensuring that required notifications are made. In this respect, preparing action plans in order to fix or prevent these and monitoring the implementation process.

Collaborating with other units in order to carry out the Occupational Health and Safety efforts efficiently.

Documenting and archiving the procedures stated above.

Carrying out the requirements of the Law no. 6331 on ‘‘Occupational Health and Safety”’ and other relevant regulations.


Authorized Personnel

Cumhur Gültekin (Occupational Safety Expert (A) / Geophysics Engineer)

Last Updated Date
2018-01-05 17:34:24