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2017-2018 Graduate Applications

2017-2018 Graduate Applications

Dear Graduate Candidate,

Applications for Master’s and Doctorate programs for the 2017-2018 academic year Fall term will take place between June 3rd-September 12th 2017. The registration process for our graduate programs will be carried out according to the conditions listed on this page.

**In order to confirm your application which you have carried out on the portal, you must submit your documents to the Institute Directorate until September 12th, 2017. Otherwise, your application will be cancelled.


Why Graduate Education?

The graduate education level of a country is a fundamental indicator for a country’s development and improvement, through its training of academic staff and researchers. There’s a direct correlation between a country’s development level and graduate education regarding research, generating knowledge and turning knowledge into production.

The graduate education at universities, especially at the doctorate level, is a significant indicator for a university’s local and international academic prestige and research level. We are currently in the era of science and technology thanks to the aforementioned processes. Therefore, graduate education is constantly being improved in our country so that students can receive better education.

You may visit the Institutes page for detailed information…


Graduate programs at Istanbul Kültür University;


Project Management     Private Law
Construction     Public Law
Geomatics    Business
Geotechnics  Turkish Language and Literature
Molecular Biology and Genetics  
Project Management (thesis/non-thesis)  Private Law (thesis/non-thesis)
Construction (thesis/non-thesis) and Construction/English (thesis)   Public Law (thesis/non-thesis)
Geomatics (thesis/non-thesis)   Education Management and Planning (thesis)
 Geotechnics (thesis/non-thesis)   Financial Markets (thesis/non-thesis)
(Tezsiz) Real Estate Development (thesis)   Management Economics (thesis/non-thesis)
 Mathematics-Computing (thesis)   Communication Arts (thesis)
Physics (thesis)      Production Economy (non-thesis)
Architecture (thesis) International Relations (thesis/non-thesis)
Architectural Design (non-thesis)         Business (thesis)
Computer Engineering (thesis/non-thesis)      Business Administration (non-thesis)
 Interior Architecture (thesis)     Business Distance Education (thesis/non-thesis)
Environmental Design (thesis)    Occupational Health and Safety (non-thesis)
Molecular Biology and Genetics (thesis)      Turkish Language and Literature (thesis)
  Logistics Distance Education (non-thesis)


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