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    Prof.Dr. Turhan ESENER

    He became an assistant at Ankara University Faculty of Law after his graduation with high honor degree from the same faculty. He obtained his PhD  at Geneva University Faculty of Law with the thesis titled  “L’obligation de réparer les préjudices resultant du divorce” and was awarded with “des Arts” by Geneva University. In 1954 he became associate professor with the thesis titled “Sham Transactions in Turkish Law” and was appointed to department of civil law at Ankara University Law Faculty. After conducting his research in Munich and Freiburg Law Faculties between 1958 and 1960, he became professor with the thesis titled “Representation in Turkish and Swiss Obligations Law" in 1961 and appointed to the department of civil law. In 1968, he became the chair of Labour Law Department.  In 1968, he conducted research for 6 months concerning mediation and arbitration at New York American Arbitration Association and obtained a certificate. He worked as the president of Turkish National Section in Commission internationale de I'Etat Civil between the years of 1961-1980. He lectured labour law and obligations law courses both at graduate and postgraduate level at Strasbourg University Law Faculty in various times. He was appointed as a lecturer to Boğaziçi University Faculty of Administrative Sciences in 1978, and retired in 1991. He lectured Introduction to law and Obligations law courses at Marmara University Faculty of Law between 1983-2007. He lectured  “Introduction aux’droit des obligations” at Galatasaray University Law Faculty between 2000-2003. Prof. Dr. Turhan Esener speaks French, English, German and has many published books and articles. He worked as the Minister of Labour between the dates of November 17, 1974 – April 1, 1975 and also between September 22, 1980 – December 13, 1983, for the 36th and 44th Governments, respectively. He is a lecturer and Senator at Istanbul Kültür University. He is married with two children.

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