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    Prof.Dr. Ergun ÖZSUNAY

    Prof. Dr. Ergun Özsunay graduated from the Istanbul University School of Law. Then he attended graduate studies at Harvard Law School (LL.M.), and Faculté Internationale pour l’Enseignement de Droit Comparé in Strasbourg. He studied also in Max-Plack Institut für auslaendisches-und internationales Privatrecht in Hamburg (1964-1965). He worked with Professor Alfred F. Conard (Michigan) and Professor E. Allan Farnsworth (Columbia University) as research assistant. He was appointed associate professor of law in 1965; became full professor in 1973. He served also as the Director of the Institute of Comparative Law of Istanbul University (1978-1985).

    Professor Özsunay is the author of several books, including the Introduction to Civil Law, Legal Status of Persons, Legal Entities, Introduction to Comparative Law, Cartel Law, 21st Century Arbitration Law (in print); EU Law (in print). He has written more than hundred articles in various fields of law (contracts, torts, international sales (CISG), EU competition law, product liability, intellectual property, international arbitration, etc.)

    Prof. Özsunay served as President of the International Association of Legal Science (I.A.L.S./A.I.S.J) (Paris) (2010-2013). He is “titular member” of International Academy of Comparative Law (Paris) and Chairman of the “Middle East and African Law Group” in the Academy, member of the “International Association of Procedural Law” (Ghent), corresponding member of “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Rechtsvergleichung” (Freiburg/Br.) and collaborating member of “UNIDROIT” (Rome).

    Professor Özsunay represented his country in the“Convention on Agency in the International Sale of Goods” (Cenevre, 1983); “Convention on the Applicable Law to Contracts for the International Sale of Goods” (The Hague, 1985), and “Unidroit Conventions on International Factoring and International Financial Leasing” (Ottawa, 1988).

    Professor Özsunay serves at present as the Turkish delegate in the DH-BIO (former CDBI of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg) and in the UN UNCITRAL Working Groups II (Arbitration and Conciliation), III (Online Dispute Resolution), IV (E-Trade)  and VI (Security Interests).

    Professor Özsunay represents the Tuırkish National Committee in the ICC Commission on Competition and ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice. He has been practicing law as legal counsel and international arbitrator. He has been admitted as arbitrator by VIAC (Vienna), Bulgarian, Czech Republic, Slovenian and Lithuanian Arbitration Centers.

    Prof. Özsunay has been teaching at present Comparative Law, Arbitration Law and EU Private Law at the Istanbul Kültür University School of Law. (Situation: June 2013)

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