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Applications to Master’s and Doctorate Programs

Applications to Master’s and Doctorate Programs beginning in the Fall Semester of the 2017-2018 academic year are open between July 3, 2017 and September 12, 2017.

Your application through the portal will only be finalized upon submission of your documents to the Institute before September 12, 2017. Otherwise, your application will be cancelled. The Institute of Social Sciences at Istanbul Kültür University supports research with applied theory in the fields of Business Administration, Economics, International Relations, Law, Arts, Communications, and Turkish and English Languages and Literature. The master’s and doctorate programs of the Institute aim to enhance the quality of education offered to society. Through its doctorate and master’s programs, the Institute of Sciences at Istanbul Kültür University aims to train professionals equipped to work with the advanced technologies required by the global business community. It also aims to increase Turkey’s research potential in the areas of basic sciences, engineering, architecture, interior architecture, and environmental design. 

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