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    "I’m Ready to Work" Certificate Program

    Our Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Güzel and the Managing Director of Product and Technology at, Eren Çamlıkaya, appeared as guests on the Bloomberg HT show called “Çıkış Yolu” (The Way Out) and talked about the “I’m Ready to Work” project.

    Prof. Dr. Erhan Güzel conveyed his opinions on the project, which will be a first in Turkey, and said that their project had the potential to solve the “university graduates are not ready for professional life” problem, which is a constant reason for complaint regarding university and sector collaboration.

    What is the “I’m Ready to Work” Program?

    The “I’m Ready to Work”Certificate Program is an online personal and career development program, planned for İstanbul Kültür University students with the partnership of İstanbul Kültür University and

    The participants of the program must complete training modules prepared for different sets of skills and knowledge. Thanks to this program, İstanbul Kültür University alumni will have a greater chance of being employed when their job applications are reviewed by employers at They will have an exclusive profile with an exclusive license. Please click for detailed information.