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Radio and Television Technology Main Page

Radio and Television Technology

Program Objectives Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee International Cooperations
Establishment Tuition Fee Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
Qualification Awarded Double Major–Minor Programs Access to Further Studies
Language of Instruction Internship Departmental Facilities
Mode of Education Grading Scheme Program Activities
Admission and Registration Requirements Graduation Requirements Contact Information

Program Objectives

The purpose of the program is twofold: to introduce our students to the radio and television broadcasting technologies, which include playback, recording and film making equipment and the overall setting of a studio; and to provide the basic knowledge related to programming, film shooting, editing, etc.   During their training period, our students start working in radio or TV broadcasting companies, or in production companies and agencies serving the businesses in the field.  


 Istanbul Kultur University, Vocational School of Technical Sciences Program in Radio and Television Technology 2002 - 2003 academic year has started in the training. In the first of our University Campus began operations in Şirinevler program 2009 - 2010 academic year from İncirli Campus continues to provide training. Program Director Inst. Rates. Wise is the Lamb.

Qualification Awarded

2 years successfully completed all courses in the curriculum, students have a minimum of 120 ECTS in Radio and Television Technology associate degree in the field is given. 

Language of Instruction

Language of education is Turkish.

Mode of Education


Admission and Registration Requirements

 Technical Sciences Vocational School programs for students with entrance exams conducted by SSPC is taken. The central placement of candidates in Radio and Television Technology Program YGS scores, higher education programs related preferences and quotas and conditions of this program by considering Successful candidates are placed. Radio and Television Technology Program OSYM placed in the records of students in the framework of the calendar set done by the Department of Student Affairs. 
     In addition to the Radio and Television Technology Program, successful students who have graduated from Vocational School ÖSYM DGS (Entrance Exam) and the students are taken. Undergraduate students will be able Vertical Jump Program Graduation Fields are as follows:  News and Media  Journalism  Electrical and Electronics Engineering  Electronic Engineering  Electronic Education  Electronics and Computer Education  Electronics and Communications Engineering  Electronics and Communication Teacher  Contact  Communication Sciences  Communication Arts  Communication Design  Communication and Design  Media and Communication  Media and Communication Systems  Radio and Television  Radio, Film and Television  Film and Television  Television Reporting and Programming

Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee

for detail..

Tuition Fee

for detail.

Double Major–Minor Programs


 A 40 day internship is an obligatory.

Grading Scheme

Students are granted one of following letter grades and/or symbols by instructor of the course for each academic year they are enrolled.



























G: Not sat for semester-end exam

P: Course continues

R: Repeated

E: Incomplete semester studies

T: Transfer

V: Withdrawal

Student who got one of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C grades as success grade, shall be considered as being succeeded that course. Student who got one of C-, D+, D, D- grades for a course, shall be considered as being succeeded that course conditionally. In the event that student must repeat the semester in which he got these grades, student shall be considered as being failed these courses. Student who got FD and FF grades for any course shall be considered as failed that course. Student who attended but not succeeded the course is granted FD grade; student who didn’t fulfill the attendance condition is granted FF grade. Procedures and principles applicable to enrollment, education and examinations carried out at the level of bachelor’s degree and associate degree have been determined by Regulations of Istanbul KulturUniversity Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Education.

Graduation Requirements

 Students, Radio and Television Technology Program available in a total of 120 ECTS to successfully complete all courses of 4.00 to obtain a CGPA of at least 2.00 is required.

International Cooperations

 Technical Sciences Vocational School Students in the United States to Fort Hays State University and Ball State University in the framework of a cooperation agreement with the training may attend continuing education. In addition, our university through the Erasmus office, successful students of Erasmus student mobility and the Erasmus student mobility programs and internships are given the opportunity to go abroad.

Occupational Profiles Of Graduates

 Technical Sciences Vocational School of Radio and Television Technology Program students who graduate from the media institutions and agencies, production companies and broadcasting all kinds of construction will have knowledge and experience. Our graduates in visual and auditory media institutions and organizations director, producer, yapım- management assistant, cinematographer, videographer, editor operators, sound technicians, light technicians, image picker and so on. They can work in jobs.

Access to Further Studies

 Vocational successful students who have graduated from the program, formal education in undergraduate programs related to vertical Vertical Jump Test Switch (DGS) is carried out by SSPC. Radio and Television Technology Program Alumni, News and Media, Journalism, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronic Education, Electronic and Computer Education, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electronics and Communication Education, Communication, Communication Studies, Communication Arts, Communication Design, communication and Design, Media and communications, Media and Communication Systems, Radio and Television, Radio, Cinema and Television, Film and Television, Television Reporting and Programming Bachelor's Degree Programmes can make a transition to the vertical. 
    Vertical Jump Author Some Students :
Gülşah Çoban Kocaeli Üniversitesi Gazetecilik

Nihan Boyar İKÜ İletişim Tasarımı

Neslihan Yılmaz İstanbul Üniversitesi Radyo TV Sinema

Figen Çağla Koptekin İKÜ İletişim Sanatları

Departmental Facilities

Radio and Television Technology Program with our teachers with experience in the sector, as well as theoretical knowledge in practice-based education is provided. Within the framework of this training studio where students can practice the MAC labs are available in the university with the necessary technical equipment. In addition, our students every year, the conference, talks, film screenings and the opportunity to meet with important names in cinema and television industry finds.

Program Activities

 Radio and Television Technology Program with experience in the industry, radio, film and television market in the years who have made ​​a name for conferences, meetings, workshops and events such as our university, our students are coming together. In addition, students of the year held Career Planning Day and projects the opportunity to exhibit and they also related to the fields with many people biraya to gelirler.güz and spring semesters at the end of our students semester grade point average according to the High Honor and Honor Certificate is issued. Students from International and National Short Film Festival takes many awards. In our program, cultural and technical trips are made. Some of these activities include: 
                                                            * Time Documentary - Dir. Hakan Aytekin    * Information Media - Producer - Server Dincer Khan    * "From the sea" Film Screening and Orientation. Interview generation Çölgeçen    * High Honor and Honor Certificate Ceremony    * 2013 Traditional Alumni Day    * 2011 Career Planning Day    * Interview with Turkan Soray and Signature Day    * "Early Bird" 6th International Student Festival "crook" Jury Special Award for Direction: Nariman My Hand    * 7. Snow Film Festival International Advertising category "Insurance" Direction: Zeynep Dandin    * RATEM (Radio and Television Broadcasters Job organized by the Union 2013 "my mind had an idea" of University between anti-piracy purposes Communications Ideas Competition in the Radio and Television Technology Program Our student Hope Atakan "Pirates of the ROL Export" to work with the first prize won.

Contact Information

Radio and Television Technology 1st grade Program Advisor Öğr. See. Selin Okumuş 0 (212) 498 49 59 Radio and Television Technology 2nd Year Program Advisor Öğr. See. Bilgen Kuzu 0 (0212) 498 4965