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Public Law (PHD)
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Public Law (PHD)

Program Objectives Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee International Cooperations
Establishment Tuition Fee Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
Qualification Awarded Double Major–Minor Programs Access to Further Studies
Language of Instruction Internship Departmental Facilities
Mode of Education Grading Scheme Program Activities
Admission and Registration Requirements Graduation Requirements Contact Information

Program Objectives

The basic objective of the program aiming at obtaining the competence to express opinion about actual Public Law issues is to specialize in particular Criminal Law, Administrative Law, and European Union Law and International Law matters by explicating current Public Law issues.


Public Law PhD program was being conducted since 2003 – 2004 education year. Istanbul Kultur University Law Faculty has the qualification of being one of the first Law Faculties between foundation universities that was authorized to conduct a PhD program by YOK. Prof. Dr. Durmus TEZCAN is still executing this task; he had gotten transferred to Public Law Major Presidency after Prof. Dr. Tayfun AKGUNER who was executing Public Law Major Presidency until 2008 – 2009 Academic year. Associate Professor Dr. Dr. Omer KORKMAZ, who got transferred to being Public Law Major Vice-President, is still executing this task.

Qualification Awarded

Students who completed total 7 courses including mandatory classes that take place in the education plan; who completed their thesis proposition and thesis study successfully and who gained at least 240 AKTS are given Public Law Doctorate degree 

Language of Instruction

 Language of instruction in Istanbul Kultur University Public Law PhD Program is Turkish. 

Mode of Education

 Full Time and with Thesis

Admission and Registration Requirements


·      Law Faculty Graduates can apply for Public Law PhD Program.

·      Taking the ALES exam in the past 3 years and scoring at least 55 points in the EA group (for individuals who will apply to PhD program with undergraduate degree, score should be at least 70).


·      Taking at least 55 score from UDS or a similar score from another exam that was accepted by Intercollegiate Committee, for foreign students, again at least 55 score from UDS or a similar score from another exam that was accepted by Intercollegiate Committee in one of English, French or German languages that is not their native language is mandatory to apply in the PhD program.


Applicants need to present following documents during the application process:

·      Diploma photocopy

·      ALES Document photocopy

·      Transcript photocopy

·      Foreign Language Document Photocopy

·      Army Status Document (For male applicants)

·      2 Headshot Photographs

·      Identification Document Photocopy

·      Registration fee receipt

·      For official registration, student identification document should be filled and delivered to the related unit.

·      For the official registration, real copies of the documents given above, residency document, identification copy with an approval of the notary, 6 pictures and a document proving that the first part of the fee was paid will be asked for.

Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee

for detail..

Tuition Fee

for detail.

Double Major–Minor Programs

There is no Double Major or Double Minor Programs in Public Law PhD Program.


Intership isn't mandatory in Public Law PhD Program.

Grading Scheme

Students are granted one of following letter grades and/or symbols by instructor of the course for each academic year they are enrolled.



























G: Not sat for semester-end exam

P: Course continues

R: Repeated

E: Incomplete semester studies

T: Transfer

V: Withdrawal

Student who got one of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C grades as success grade, shall be considered as being succeeded that course. Student who got one of C-, D+, D, D- grades for a course, shall be considered as being succeeded that course conditionally. In the event that student must repeat the semester in which he got these grades, student shall be considered as being failed these courses. Student who got FD and FF grades for any course shall be considered as failed that course. Student who attended but not succeeded the course is granted FD grade; student who didn’t fulfill the attendance condition is granted FF grade. Procedures and principles applicable to enrollment, education and examinations carried out at the level of bachelor’s degree and associate degree have been determined by Regulations of Istanbul KulturUniversity Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Education.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from PhD Program, one should complete all courses present in the Program (total 60 AKTS courses) successfully and should score at least B GPA (3.00) out of 4.00. Also, PhD efficiency exam should be passed (30 AKTS), PhD thesis should be finished successfully (Total 150 AKTS).

To complete all the classes present directly in PhD program (total 120 AKTS), at least B (3.00) GPA should be reached out of 4.00. Also, PhD efficiency exam should be passed (30 AKTS), PhD thesis should be finished successfully (Total 150 AKTS).

International Cooperations

By making pacts with various foreign country universities in the ERASMUS Program framework, an environment that our students can gain a foreign country experience is provided. Our faculty also continues its activities in international areas by making student and teaching assistant exchanges. As a result of our Erasmus practices started in 2004, our faculty developed cooperation with some EU universities in the present day. These education organizations are Trier University, Munster University, Brussels Catholic University and Vienne University Law Faculties. Eight EU members’ countries’ students were hosted until now. Student exchanges are done with following University in Graduate Program scope in the Erasmus Pact framework.


Erasmus Partner Universities:


·      Trier University – Germany

·      Saarbrucken University – Germany

·      Aristo Selonika University – Greece

·      Bochum Ruhr University – Germany

·      Justus – Liebig Giessen University – Germany

·      Viadrina European University – Germany

·      Salzburg University – Austria

·      Miskolc University – Hungary

Occupational Profiles Of Graduates

Our PhD program graduates have the knowledge and information wide enough to conduct various professions comfortably in the society. They can find job opportunities as specialist lawyer in every public organizations and companies and as director in private sectors, as inspector/auditor in inspection boards and as foreign relations specialist in international areas but especially as judge, prosecutor, lawyer, notary, and law consultant, lawyer academician in especially Ministry of Foreign Affairs or European Union General Secretariat. Our graduates can conduct studies in especially academic areas as a law doctor. 

Access to Further Studies

Departmental Facilities

Public Law doctorate student can choose 2 elective courses from Private Law doctorate program.

Program Activities

Every year a Summer Academy is arranged in Cesme as two groups for a week on September with the cooperation of Erasmus Partner Universities and Law Faculties and current judgments of European Human Rights Court are discussed in this event. Also, visiting teaching assistant from Erasmus Partner Universities are giving seminars in certain times at our faculty.

Contact Information

Public Law Major Branch President


Prof. Dr. Durmus TEZCAN

Phone: (0212) 498 45 21