Faculty of Science and Letters
English Language And Literature
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Course CodeSemester Course Name LE/RC/LA Course Type Language of Instruction ECTS
Course Goals
The aim of the course is to give students a standpoint  of art and the necessary knowledge to evaluate a work of art.
Special Requisite(s)
Course Assistant(s)
Office Hour(s)
Teaching Methods and Techniques
Principle Sources
Other Sources
Course Schedules
Week Contents Learning Methods
1. Week Introduction Lecture
2. Week Introducing basic concepts and terms of arts Lecture, powerpoint presentation, reading
3. Week Fundamental components of work of arts. Lecture, powerpoint presentation, reading
4. Week Subject and theme in arts Lecture, powerpoint presentation, reading
5. Week Subjects in Art Lecture, powerpoint presentation, reading
6. Week Introducing components of style: forms Lecture, powerpoint presentation, reading
7. Week Introducing components of style: Colour Lecture, powerpoint presentation, reading
8. Week Visiting museums/galleries analysing a work of art
9. Week Introducing components of style: Composition Lecture, powerpoint presentation, reading
10. Week Introducing materials and techniques: Art Lecture, powerpoint presentation, reading
11. Week Introducing materials and techniques: sculpture&architecture Lecture, powerpoint presentation, reading
12. Week Methods of research and presentation Lecture, powerpoint presentation, reading
13. Week Analysing a work of art I powerpoint presentation, Laboratory
14. Week Analysing a work of art II Visiting museums/art galleries
15. Week Final exams Final exams
16. Week Final exams Final exams
17. Week Final exams Final exams
Evaluation tools Quantity Weight(%)

Program Outcomes
PO-1Show knowledge of a substantial range of authors, movements and texts from different periods of literary history.
PO-2Identify the intellectual, cultural and socio-historical contexts in which literature is written and read.
PO-3Employ the necessary skills in the reading, analysis and in appreciation of literature.
PO-4Recognize, interpret, and comment on rhetorical and figurative language.
PO-5Identify, distinguish between and assess the distinctive characteristics of texts written in the principle literary genres.
PO-6Recall and define key terms and concepts relating to language, literature and/or culture.
PO-7Recognize the role of different social and cultural contexts in affecting meaning.
PO-8Demonstrate responsiveness to the central role of language in the creation of meaning.
PO-9Recognize different structures and discourse functions of the English language.
PO-10Display competence both in written and/or oral expression and in the communication of ideas in a variety of contexts.
PO-11Demonstrate critical skills in the close reading, description, interpretation, and analysis of literary and non-literary texts.
PO-12Use logical thought, critical reasoning, and rhetorical skills to effectively construct arguments.
PO-13Apply guided research skills including the ability to gather, sift, organize and present information and material.
PO-14Show competence in planning, preparation and revision of essays, presentations, and other written and project work.
PO-15Reflect on ethical and philosophical issues raised in literary, critical, and cultural texts.
Learning Outcomes
LO-1To define art
LO-2To identify and learn the basic terms and concepts of art
LO-3To evaluate a work of art
LO-4To be able to comment on works of art
LO-5To gain an interdisciplinary approach to the field
Course Assessment Matrix:
Program Outcomes - Learning Outcomes Matrix
LO 1
LO 2
LO 3
LO 4
LO 5
LO 6
LO 7
LO 8
LO 9
LO 10
LO 11
LO 12
LO 13
LO 14
LO 15
LO 16
LO 17
LO 18
LO 19
LO 20
LO 21
LO 22
LO 23
LO 24
LO 25
LO 26
LO 27
LO 28
LO 29
LO 30
LO 31
LO 32
LO 33
LO 34
LO 35
LO 36
LO 37
LO 38
LO 39
LO 40
LO 41
LO 42
LO 43
LO 44
LO 45
LO 46
LO 47
LO 48
LO 49
LO 50
LO 51
LO 52
LO 53
LO 54
LO 55
LO 56
LO 57
LO 58
LO 59
LO 60
LO 61
LO 62
LO 63
LO 64
LO 65
LO 66
LO 67
LO 68
LO 69
LO 70
LO 71
LO 72
LO 73
LO 74
LO 75