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Communication Designs - Multimedia

Program Objectives Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee International Cooperations
Establishment Tuition Fee Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
Qualification Awarded Double Major–Minor Programs Access to Further Studies
Language of Instruction Internship Departmental Facilities
Mode of Education Grading Scheme Program Activities
Admission and Registration Requirements Graduation Requirements Contact Information

Program Objectives

Istanbul Kultur University, Communication Design (Multimedia) Department aims to graduate its students as intellectual individuals equipped with knowledge and experiences. The curriculum of the department consists of courses such as Film Directory, Script Writing, Documentary Film Directory, Experimental Art Studio, Multimedia Applications, Painting, Drawing, Video, Stage Performances, Editing, Computer Based Design, Movement Studio, as well as theoretical courses; Contemporary Art, Art Sociology, Art Texts, Culture and Art Reading, Visual Culture, Cultural Studies, Art Photography and Popular Culture.

Serving as an example to faculties both in Turkey and international, the courses for the first year in The Istanbul Kultur University Communication Design (Multimedia) Department, range from film, cinematography to painting, graphic and performance arts. From the second year onwards students select the relevant courses dominantly according to their own objectives, attending other selective courses as well. In the department, students are expected to perceive the principals of visual arts, to understand contemporary arts globally and to be able to analyse the relationship between art and communication  in the following years.

The department serves teaching with its academics who are acclaimed and pioneer to students with their productivities in their own subjects related.  Being a member of South Eastern Europe Cinema Schools (SEEC), International Film School Association (CILECT) and European Exchange Academy (EEC), The Department of Communication (Multimedia)  Design continues to take part in various events within the framework of Erasmus Programme alongside workshops through academics and artists invited internationally.



Founded in July 1997 with the article 4281, Istanbul Kultur University Art and Design Faculty, Department of Communication Design (Multimedia), started its academic year in 2002-2003. Within the process of irestructuring, the department provides students a productive and energetic environment where students can correlate with different  applied courses such as painting, drawing, graphic design, cinema, photography, acting and animation.

Our department curriculum considers art concept with respect to multidimensional aspects ranging from culture, technology, politics to economical issues. Students are expected to perceive principles of visual arts, to mature to be able to conceive relationships between art and communication and contemporary arts in gldbal context in the years following. During this process students not only experience their original production like painting, photography, graphic arts, cinema, acting and animation but also gain personality as artist candidates for future.

In line with current developments in advanced technology and related artistic and cultural perception, the primary targets of Communication Design (Multimedia) Department is both to update its curriculum and academic restructuring continually  and to share contemporary/actual art practices with its students in proper and productive environments  as well as to enable students to evaluate visual links between art and communication.

Our students could attend different compulsory and selective courses according to their objectives following: Animation Cinema, Photography and Video, Graphic and Web Design, Acting and Plastic Arts (Painting, Sculpture and Ceramic), Cinema (Production and Directory), Photography Directory and Script Writing.


Qualification Awarded

Communication Design (Multimedia) Diploma

Language of Instruction


Mode of Education

Full Time

Admission and Registration Requirements

Starting from 2015-16 Academic year, The Departments of Communication Design will be recruiting students through central placement exams (LYS-LGS) instead of performance based assessments. For the department of Communication Design, the criteria is  TS2 score.

Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee

for detail..

Tuition Fee

for detail.

Double Major–Minor Programs

In Communication Design (Multimedia) Department, successful students could attend the courses for Double-Major in the other departments relevant. In order apply to Double Major, General Grade Avarage (GNO) is at least expected to be 2.80 either at the earliest of the third year or at the latest of fifth year. Students could attend both Double Major and Minor Programs in the Kültür University.  Those who complete these courses with success are given Double Major and Minor Program Diplomas. Students for Minor Program are permitted to attend the courses up to 18 Credits at least. Students who are in their main programme alongside with Minor Programme are given both Bachelor's Degree and Minor Programme Certificate.


Grading Scheme

Students are granted one of following letter grades and/or symbols by instructor of the course for each academic year they are enrolled.



























G: Not sat for semester-end exam

P: Course continues

R: Repeated

E: Incomplete semester studies

T: Transfer

V: Withdrawal

Student who got one of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C grades as success grade, shall be considered as being succeeded that course. Student who got one of C-, D+, D, D- grades for a course, shall be considered as being succeeded that course conditionally. In the event that student must repeat the semester in which he got these grades, student shall be considered as being failed these courses. Student who got FD and FF grades for any course shall be considered as failed that course. Student who attended but not succeeded the course is granted FD grade; student who didn’t fulfill the attendance condition is granted FF grade. Procedures and principles applicable to enrollment, education and examinations carried out at the level of bachelor’s degree and associate degree have been determined by Regulations of Istanbul KulturUniversity Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Education.

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to fulfill 240 ECTS credits (25% elective courses, 75% compulsory courses) and 30 days summer training. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) shall be minimum 2.00 over 4.00 to be successful and to complete the Program.


International Cooperations

Communication Design (Multimedia) Department is a member of CILECT (Centre International de Liaison  des Ecoles de Cinema et de Television), EEA (European Exchange Acamedy), GEECT (The Groupement Européen des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision) and SEECS (Sout Eastern Europe Cinama Schools).

Occupational Profiles Of Graduates

Graduates could continue their careers as Film Director, Director of Photography, Producer, Painter, Visual Artists, Art Director, Art Critics, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Performer, Script-Text Writer, Video Artist, Dubber, Play Wright, Animation Designer and Coreographer.

Access to Further Studies

Students who pass the External Transfer Exam and apply for the Department shall attend to an orientation program for one year.

The Department also offers Graduate Program in the field of Communication Design. 

Departmental Facilities

The Department organizes joint exhibitions consisting of students works as well as other academics and students from different institutions on a regular basis in each semester both in the university exhibition venues and abroad. On the otherhand specifically invited workshop artists and academic carry out events, talk, presentation and seminars with participants amongst students.  

Program Activities

With various exhibitions, conferences, talks and other events held yearly, we aim to make our students more successful in the occupations they select. Throughout the year, activities such as film screening and seminar with Prof. Renen Schorr, Exhibition of Akbank Film Festival’s Award-winning Films, Caligraphy Exhibiton by Assoc. Prof. Selahattin Ganiz, Installation Exhibit by Assist. Prof. Teoman Südor and Poster Exhibition by Prof. Yurdaer Altuntaş have been presented to our students’ interest.

Contact Information

Faculty of Art and Design

Head of the Department of Communication Design


Address: Ataköy Yerleşkesi, Bakırköy 34156, İstanbul-TURKEY