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Turkish Language and Literature

Program Objectives Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee International Cooperations
Establishment Tuition Fee Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
Qualification Awarded Double Major–Minor Programs Access to Further Studies
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Mode of Education Grading Scheme Program Activities
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Program Objectives

In the direction of the Turkish language and literature department's teaching objectives;the need for teachers and academicians who have adopted a literary work in an effort to catch up with international standards using computer, information and information technology, who know at least one foreign language, and who need to learn and develop lifelong learning that can follow the historical development of the Turkish language, which can be both creator and commentator , it is aimed to train undergraduate and graduate students in order to train both qualified teachers and internationally respected scientists.


As per article 4 of the Senate meeting which was held on 19 December 2000, it was proposed to YÖK to establish The Department of Turkish Language and Literature, the third department in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences chronologically, and so was approved by the Executive Committee of YÖK on 13 March 2001. The department was founded under the presidency of Prof. Dr. İskender Pala. Among the skeleton faculty were Prof. Dr. İskender Pala, Doç. Dr. Hayati Develi, Lecturer Fundagül Apak, and also Prof. Dr. Durali Yılmaz as part-time faculty. The Department of Turkish Language and Literature started its first academic year with 27 enrolled students. It has been developing and expanding ever since both in respect to faculty and students. Prof. Dr. İskender PALA, Prof. Dr. Durali YILMAZ, Prof. Dr. Hayati DEVELİ have been appointed as the head of the department respectively since its foundation. Prof. Dr. Ömür CEYLAN has been holding this position since 2010. The Department commenced service in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences building at Şirinevler Campus in 2000. It has been continuing its educational services in Ataköy Campus since 2005 on consequence of the increasing number of enrolled students. Since its foundation, Prof. Dr. İskender Pala, Prof. Dr. Durali Yilmaz, Prof. Dr. Hayati Develi, Prof. Dr. Ömür Ceylan, Prof. Dr. Vahit Türk was the head of the department. From 2016 onwards, Prof. Dr. Hacı Ömer Karpuz condacts. 

Qualification Awarded

The students who successfully complete all the courses in the undergraduate curriculum which lasts for 4 years, and get at least 240 ECTS (The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) are awarded with the Bachelor’s Degree in Turkish Language and Literature.

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction is Turkish. Foreign Language Preparatory Class is not mandatory.

Mode of Education

Full time.

Admission and Registration Requirements

70 students are admitted to the undergraduate programmes on the basis of the University Entrance Examination held by ÖSYM. Candidates are placed to the Department of Turkish Language and Literature by ÖSYM in regard to their LYS scores, preferences regarding available undergraduate programmes, and also quota and requirements of these programmes. Registrations for these students are carried out at Registrar’s Office on the dates shown in the academic calendar determined by ÖSYM.

    % 25 Scholarship % 50 Scholarship % 100 Scholarship

2016 Base Point
   229,574 289,069   401,135

2016 Base Achievement Order
  526.000   256.000  31.800 

   20  43  7

Fellowships and Discount in Tuition Fee

for detail..

Tuition Fee

for detail.

Double Major–Minor Programs

Successful students pursuing their major in the Department of Turkish Language and Literature in parallel with the provisions of Undergraduate Education and Exam Regulations may partially take part in undergraduate education at The Department of Psychology, Communication Arts, and Economics in a pre-designed framework. This educational programme is called “Minor”. Students who successfully complete a minor together with their major in the programme of Turkish Language and Literature are given a Minor Degree Certificate in addition to Bachelor’s Degree.


It is not compulsory for the students of The Department of Turkish language and Literature to do apprenticeship or internship.

Grading Scheme

Students are granted one of following letter grades and/or symbols by instructor of the course for each academic year they are enrolled.



























G: Not sat for semester-end exam

P: Course continues

R: Repeated

E: Incomplete semester studies

T: Transfer

V: Withdrawal

Student who got one of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C grades as success grade, shall be considered as being succeeded that course. Student who got one of C-, D+, D, D- grades for a course, shall be considered as being succeeded that course conditionally. In the event that student must repeat the semester in which he got these grades, student shall be considered as being failed these courses. Student who got FD and FF grades for any course shall be considered as failed that course. Student who attended but not succeeded the course is granted FD grade; student who didn’t fulfill the attendance condition is granted FF grade. Procedures and principles applicable to enrollment, education and examinations carried out at the level of bachelor’s degree and associate degree have been determined by Regulations of Istanbul KulturUniversity Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Education.

Graduation Requirements

A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 is required for graduation after completing all of the courses on The Program in The Turkish Language and Literature (240 ECTS in total).

International Cooperations

Apart from Erasmus Exchange Programme, we work in cooperation with the leading universities from the world of Turkology. We are maintaining a short-length film projects in collaboration with Baku Slavic University, Azerbaijan. Commencing a new student and faculty exchange programme is also on the agenda. According to agreement between our university and Astrakhan State University of Russia, a delegation consisting of some students and academics from our university have been to the aforementioned university for Russian Language Training. We are also on the final stage of preparation for The International Linguistics and Comparative Literature Symposium to be held in cooperation with the same university. The Symposium is to be held in September 2011. (https://www.iku.edu.tr/TR/semp_icerik.php?p=229&r=0). We gave a visit with broad participation to Turkish Language Center at The University of Aleppo (Syria) and have agreed in principle for academic cooperation. Soon, a protocol proposing cooperation is to be signed with Kazan Federal Universiy.

Occupational Profiles Of Graduates

Graduates of The Department of Turkish Language and Literature will have the opportunity to; -         teach at schools, colleges and training centers affiliated to National Ministry of Education -         pursue an academic career by enrolling at a Graduate Programme -         work for various institutions (e.g. Press, Television, Public Relations) -         work as an editor in a publishing house

Access to Further Studies

All candidates willing to transfer to a graduate level program should have Bachelor’s Degree in one of the areas acknowledged by the target graduate program. They should have a minimum score of 55 from ALES, however, they should bear in mind that the score type is specified by each of the departments differently. They should not have the experience of a previous dismissal from a graduate program due to any disciplinary action. Providing that they do not exceed the number of credits that the undergraduate program requires them to take, undergraduate students may enroll to a graduate program in the last year of their study upon senatus consultum. Thereby, they can add 3 courses to their schedule and consider these courses counted as part of the program after a pass. 
Graduates of The Department of Turkish Language and Literature may undergo training in the graduate program of Turkish Language and Literature at The Institute of Social Sciences at Kültür University. In addition, providing the requirements, they may continue their career in a graduate program at any university abroad or in Turkey.

Departmental Facilities

There are 8 full-time teaching staff in the department and 3 teaching staff with hourly tuition. There are also 5 full-time researchers in the department. The implementation and execution of the teaching plan is provided by old Turkish literature, new Turkish literature, folk literature and Turkish language science branches. There are 1 teaching staff in the field of Old Turkish Literature, 4 in the field of New Turkish Literature, 4 in the field of Turkish Language, and 1 in the field of Folk Literature. There are 1 research assistant in the field of Old Turkish Literature, 1 in New Turkish Literature, 2 in Turkish Language and 1 in the field of Turkish Folk Literature. 36 students are studying in post-graduate education  in our department. It also provides support for students for their academic work, whether in a qualified work environment or a college library with rich collections.

Founded in academic year 1997-1998 in order to support the education and research activities of our university and to meet the needs of information and documentation, the library serves the users as two branches; Istanbul Kültür University Campus Library Ataköy Campus and Şirinevler Campus Library. The Ataköy campus library is large enough to accommodate 250 people and has two floors and is built on an area of 560 square meters. The library has a capacity of 35 thousand skin shelves. Şirinevler campus library has a capacity of 100 people and a shelf capacity of 15 thousand and has been installed on a covered area of 300 square meters.

The Ataköy campus library collection consists of reference books, economic and administrative sciences, science, engineering, architecture, social and general issues. Şirinevler campus library collection, reference books, law and general publications.

The collection is being developed through purchasing and donation. Books and magazines to be purchased are determined according to requests from our students, faculty and staff. In our library, resources are placed according to DEWEY decimal classification system and work with open shelf system.

The existing materials in the library were transferred to the electronic center using YORDAM2001 library automation program and presented to readers on the internet. From the computers in our library, users can make use of online catalog browsing. In addition, users are offered the opportunity to connect to the internet via laptop computers.


university library is member of  ACM Digital, Beckonline, EBRARY (electronic book), hein online, IEEL: IEEE / IEE (ELECTRONIC LIBRARY), jstor, gain legislation / jurisprudence search engine, winner law books bank, material connexion materials, matscInet, oxford english dictionary, project muse, springer, scion direct, tailler and francis, ulagbim national database, web of sciences sci, sscI, ahc, wos, westlaw, wiley online library.

In addition, the Department Library, which is open to students with special needs, has a very rich content in terms of field research.

Program Activities

The International Turkish Language and Literature Congress- (27- 28 August 2007)

The international Turkish Language and Literature Congress (11-13 September 2006)

The international Turkish Language and Literature Congress (4-6 August 2008)

The international Turkish Language and Literature Congress (20-22 September 2010)

The international Turkish Language and Literature Congress (27-28 August 2012)

The international Turkish Language and Literature Congress (23-24 June 2014)

Contact Information

Department of Turkish Language and Literature Phone: +90 212 498 43 00-01 Fax    : +90 212 465 83 10 https://www.iku.edu.tr/EN/1467/34/0-2-2-598-1/Turkish-Language-and-Literature