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The 3rd Azarquiel School of Astronomy Ana Sayfası

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The 3rd Azarquiel School of Astronomy


3rd Azarquiel School of Astronomy

“A bridge between East and West”

July 8-15, 2012

We are organizing the third Azarquiel School of Astronomy for university students from the EU and from Arab countries. It will be devoted to promote cultural exchange, bridging the gap between the East and the West and to promote advanced-level teaching in Astronomy, motivating future research activities. Special attention will be given to the historical contribution of Arabs to Astronomy and Science.
Physics and Astronomy students/graduates are invited to apply for the school. The number of participants will be limited to 40 students. 50% of the students are expected to come from Arab and Middle East countries. Students will be selected according to geographical attendance, gender balance and curriculum. Participants are encouraged to present talks for the afternoon sessions.

Living expenses (travel+accommodation+meals+transfers) will be covered for all participants during the school. There is no registration fee, but advanced registration is required. Applicants must send a short CV after submitting their registration form.
Renowned experts with international reputation in their field of research will teach, during one week, several courses related with observational and theoretical astrophysics. Some of the open-conferences will be related to the history of science. 

The school will be held in Istanbul (Turkey), a geopolitical bridge between the continents, a historical and cultural connection between the Eastern to Western worlds. İstanbul Kultur University will host the school in its Atakoy Campus.
Special attention will be given to the dissemination of information and to the visibility of the school and its objectives through the media.
The school is named in honour to Azarquiel, the most famous within the Al-Andalus astronomers. The first school was held in Granada-Spain, July 4-11, 2010, hosted by The University of Granada. The American University of Beirut in Lebanon hosted the second school on June 19-26, 2011. The Azarquiel School of Astronomy is designed as a biennial, hosted alternatively in Arabic/Middle Eastern and European Universities.