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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the students register after being placed in our university?

When a student gains the right to study in any educational program at our university, they can carry out their registration process either by themselves or by someone else they assign at the Student Affairs Directorate. The registration dates and required documents will be announced.


What does exemption from a course mean?

If a student is enrolled in or graduated/dropped out from a higher education institution, and if this student takes the ÖSYM’s exam and gets placed in a department/program at the university, this student needs to request course exemption within ten days after registration. In case of an exemption request, the courses that the student will be exempted from are evaluated by the department/program and then determined by the relevant Board of Directors. The final decision is then forwarded to the Student Affairs Directorate and the student is notified in writing. The student may not take these courses a second time once exempted.

How are SPA and GPA calculated?

SPA is calculated by multiplying the coefficients of the student’s grades in one semester with the ECTS values of each course, adding them together, and then dividing the result by the sum of the total ECTS values for the same courses. GPA, on the other hand, is calculated with the same method, but by taking into account all of the courses taken by the students starting from the beginning of their higher education. SPA and GPA have two decimal points.


What is a restricted course? Does my department/program have restricted courses?

A restricted course is a course that can only be taken when certain conditions determined by the relevant institution are met. Restricted courses are proposed to the relevant committee by the directorate of the department/program, and they are finalized after the approval of the committee and the Senate.


Who can take the make-up exams?

If a student has the right to take the final exam but fails it or passes on condition; or if a student does not take the final exam even though they had the right to do so, they may take the make-up exam.


I could not take the final exam. Can I still take the make-up exam of that course?

The students who fail applied courses that do not require a final exam (laboratory, application, workshop, project, senior project) cannot take the make-up exam. The students who did not fail the course due to the number of absences can take the make-up exam.


My make-up exam results are lower than my actual final exam. Which grade will be used?

The grades you obtain at the make-up exams are not final. The highest grade you have at the end of the semester is your final grade.


Are there Erasmus student exchange programs?

Yes. In accordance with the Erasmus Program, each year students come to Istanbul Kültür University from many European countries and our students go to study abroad.


Is there a Summer School at Istanbul Kültür University? What is the maximum number of ECTS/credits can a student take during Summer School? How will the grades be evaluated?

Yes. During Summer School, a student can take max. 30 ECTS credits, or 20 national credits if the student follows the national credit system. The grading during Summer School will be the same as the Fall or Spring Terms.  


How do I postpone the military duty?

If a recently enrolled student is already on the roll call, or if a previously enrolled student has just got on the roll call, their Military Duty Procedures will be carried out on YÖKSİS by the Military Recruitment Offices. The Appendix-C2 document will not be sent to the Military Recruitment Office. If the student makes a request, the Appendix-C2 document will be prepared by the Student Affairs Directorate.

How do I suspend my study?

Once the re-registration procedure is completed, the students make the study suspension request at the Student Affairs Directorate with a petition and the student ID within the period stated in the academic calendar. The students may be able to suspend studies for one or two semesters with the decision of their own academic unit depending on their expressed reason. The students may suspend their studies for two semesters at once, and for four semesters in total during their academic stay. These periods are not included in the overall academic process.


What information can I reach and what can I do with the Student Management Information System (ÖBYS)?

You can carry out your re-registration and course registration procedures at the beginning of the semester, and your course add-drop, withdrawal, payment procedures during the semester. You can also apply for internships, request documents, and check your grades, exam schedule, class schedule, and announcements.


I forgot my password for the Student Management Information System (ÖBYS). What should I do?

You may request a new password on the webpage


What is the procedure to follow if I lose my ID or it gets stolen?

You should you should make your payment to the Financial Affairs Directorate with an ad on a national newspaper in case it’s lost / with an official report from the police station in case it’s stolen, along with a petition. Then, you may apply to the Student Affairs Directorate for the new ID with all necessary documents.


What should I do if my personal information changes?

In case there’s a change in name, surname, or other information (Mother’s name, Father’s name, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Marital Status etc.), the student should apply to the Student Affairs Directorate along with their new ID card and the court decree if exists.


How can I learn if my diploma is ready?

You may learn it from the Student Affairs Directorate.


My diploma is not ready yet. What can I do to get a temporary graduation certificate?

The students who have enough credits to graduate need to complete their exmatriculation procedures by applying to the Student Affairs Directorate with their student ID. Students receive a temporary graduation certificate until their diploma is prepared. This is a one-time document and it has to be exchanged with the diploma once it’s ready.


Which documents do I need to get my diploma?

The original copy of the Temporary Graduation Certificate, which the student receives during graduation, should be submitted to the Student Affairs Directorate. The student then receives their diploma from the relevant Faculty or Vocational School by turning in the diploma delivery record, which will be obtained from the Student Affairs Directorate. If a Temporary Graduation Certificate was not collected, the student has to apply to the Student Affairs Directorate with their student ID in order to complete their exmatriculation process to be eligible to receive their diploma from the relevant Faculty or Vocational School by turning in the diploma delivery record.


What should I do in case I lose my diploma?

The students who lose their diploma have to place an ad on three national newspapers. On this ad, the department of the student and the graduation date need to be stated, along with a disclaimer which states that the lost diploma is invalid. The student needs to apply to the Student Affairs Directorate at the Ataköy Campus with a petition and the newspapers on which the ads have been placed. After the printing and signing have been completed, the student may receive their Duplicate Diploma from the Student Affairs Directorate.


What is a Double Major/Minor program and how do I apply?

At Istanbul Kültür University, students may join a Double Major or Minor program. Double Major and Minor conditions are explained in the ‘Regulation on Transfer Between Associate or Bachelor’s Programs of Higher Education Institutions and Double Major, Minor, and Credit Transfer Between Institutions’ and ‘Istanbul Kültür University Double Major and Minor Program Guidelines’