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IKU Accreditation Process

In 1999 the ministers of 29 countries responsible of the higher education who assembled in the University of Bologna (one of the first university in the world) in Bologna in Italy signed the Bologna Declaration and with this declaration they commenced, de facto, the idea of creating a common higher education area in the Europe. The Bologna Declaration has the following goals: creating the higher education diploma comparable with each other, passing two-stage degree system in the higher education as undergraduate and postgraduate, carrying out European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), proveding and spreading the mobility of students and academicians, and developing the European dimension in the higher education system. One of the most important parts of the Bologna Declaration is to form and spread the network of the quality assurance system. Turkey after two years from the publication of the mentioned declaration participated in this process, whose spheres of influence enlarged and accepted to be a part of European Higher Education Area (EHEA) expected to be formed at the end of 2010. At the end of 2010 with the completion of EHEA involving totally 45 countries, the participation of Turkey universities in the Bologna process legally became necessity. The applications of Bologna process in relevant universities are fixed by the principles determined by “The Quality Assurance Standard and Application Principles” for the higher education institutions, which was developed by European Quality Assurance Association and takes place in EHEA; also in the light of these principles they are subjected to the assessment and evaluation processes.

With the application of the above-mentioned process in Turkey, the Bologna process studies in Istanbul Kultur University began with the education in 2010-2011. With the participation of all units of the university, at the end of a long and comprehensive process lasting one year, all programs of IKU were brought into conformity with the Bologna process; they are configured according to European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), and in line with this purpose, the application of the Diploma Supplement was realized. Therefore, the graduated students began to take the Diploma Supplement. The new education programs appearing on university’s internet page with Turkish and English contents were made apparent with its dynamic Academic Package and were designed according to the Bologna process. These new programs immediately came into practice and began the necessary assessment and evaluation process.

The evaluation and assessment of the Bologna process, which got off the ground, is required to accredit the institutions that participated in this process, put differently, to register officially the quality and validity of the programs that they carry out. To that end, the departments of Physics, Mathematics and Computer, and Turkish Language and Literature in the IKU Faculty of Arts and Sciences, since February 2011, established Department Accreditation Commissions. Through these commissions, by considering the date in the Academic Package prepared within the Bologna process, these departments determined Program Outcomes and Learning Outcomes in accordance with the results obtained from the students questionnaires as a part of the assessment and evaluation processes and the idea exchange with academicians and in department council. By using these data obtained approximately at the end of a span of one year, every program prepared the highly detailed Self-Evaluation Report, whose editing was completed in March 2012. With the prepared Self-Evaluation Report, the above-named departments were established in 2009 and recognized as a national quality assurance institution and given the accreditation authority by the Higher Education Institution (YÖK), and made an application to FEDEK, that is, Science, Literature, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Language History and Geography Education Programs Assessment and Accreditation Association, and entered into the evaluation process of this association. During this process, every department constituted their Department Archive including the all-academic and administrative documents. The necessary preparations by Dean of the Faculty of Science were completed by setting all university’s units in motion; in 15-16-17 April received the Assessment Team of FEDEK visiting the university. After the three-days assessment of the Assessment Team both in the relevant departments and within university, Physics, Mathematics and Computer, and Turkish Language and Literature were given the accreditation certificate for five years from 09/05/2012 to 09/05/2017.

To reveal the quality of education given during the higher education process with the principle of transparency and credibility confront us with the result of the Bologna process. In this dynamic process, the evaluation of the components of education programs and the methods used to arrive in the identified targets, and the repetition of this evaluation periodically are very important for the education, training, research activities, and development of the administrative service quality. The universities should qualitatively realize the basic functions such as the education and the academic productivity as well as they should provide the quality assurance for the possibility of integration into European Union. The quality assurance in the education is possible to use the evaluation and accreditation methods together, which the universities adopted. The national and international accreditation is not only an end to get the quality assurance but also it should be considered as a tool to determine the necessary modifications for catching and protecting the contemporary education.

FEDEK is recognized by the high education board (YÖK) as a national quality assurance institution and has taken “Quality Assessment Registration Certificate”; it is an accreditation and assessment association given the authority to accredit the programs of Science, Literature, Science-Arts, Faculty of Languages, History and Geography of Higher Education Institutions.

First time, as the result of assessment made by FEDEK, the departments of our faculty such as Physics, Mathematics and Computer, and Turkish Language and Literature were given the accreditation certificate for five years from 09/05/2012 to 09/05/2017 until the Next General Assessment.

First time, as the result of assessment made by FEDEK, the departments of our faculty such as Molecular Biology and Genetics, and Psychology were given the accreditation certificate for five years from 16.02.2013 to 16.02.2018 until the Next General Assessment.