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Alumni Communications Center was founded on April, 2012 under our university, and commenced with updating “ Alumni Data Base.” Now,there is an ongoing update on contact information of current and previous alumni;  İKU Alumni Day held by İKÜMED (established for our university’s alumni and members)  and bringing all İKÜ alumni together,  as well as annual dinners, trips, and verious events are being announced to all alumni through SMS or e-mail.

At our university, which entered Bologna Process, finding jobs for our alumni; helping them to start new careers; their success in professional life; and solidarity between İKÜ Alumni are among the concerns of Alumni Communications Center. Our alumni is invited to the congresses, seminers and meetings held by İKÜ faculties, so that they can be a lifelong member of İKÜ and can update their professional knowledge.

To be registed at “Alumni Information System”  special for our alumni, you can help us by updating your contact information. Please click here for alumni contact information update form. All you need to do to be registered in our database is sending the completed forms to or, and so you will be notified about all the events held by İKÜMED.

Alumni Communications Contact: Ali Kaplanoğlu

Tel. : 0212 498 48 49