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English Prep Programme

• Our Program
The Foreign Languages Centre at Istanbul Kültür University delivers a three-period preparatory program to its students. In the first two terms, our primary objective is to build a general English background of our students and improve their four skills (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing) in an integrated way. In this respect, we aim to create learning and teaching environments in which our students are actively participating. Thanks to our innovative program, students can contribute to, initiate and lead classroom activities through their active involvement via feedback, learning portfolios, and vocabulary notebooks, responding to classroom materials in their own words and participating in teacher-led classroom discussions every other day. The learners are closely supervised to discover and develop ways of improving their academic skills, which are tested on an on-going basis. 

• EAP Oriented Curriculum 
Having developed their general English and Integrated Skills in the first two periods, in the third period students are exposed to more academic skills, such as critical and analytical thinking, that will help them to survive in their degree classes and meet the demands of university-level education. They are expected to learn and apply the basic conventions of research, read and respond to academic reading texts, write reports and carry out projects. It is this EAP-oriented period that sets our program apart from other universities’ prep programs.

• Pre-Faculty Program
The Foreign Languages Centre at İKU aims to introduce high level students to the educational programmes of their chosen departments. To this end, we invite professors and lecturers from different departments to our own campus to deliver introductory courses, in order to familiarize students with the basic terminology and concepts related to their disciplines.

• CELTA-Certified Instructors
In the interests of standardising the Centre’s approaches to English teaching, all our instructors hold the CELTA qualification, certified by Cambridge University.

• Student-Centered Curriculum
When preparing the curriculum, we pay specific attention to the latest methodologies in English Language Teaching, putting the student at the centre of the class and making them an active user of the language.

• On-Going Assessment
To promote our students’ regular studying habits and to evaluate their progress in learning English, we use different assessment criteria based on on-going evaluation.

• Learner Portfolio System
Our on-going assessment system does not rely solely on tests and exams to evaluate our students’ progress but also takes into account their portfolios, comprising their assignments carried out across each term. In this way we aim to encourage our students to take responsibility for their own learning and develop their individuality.

• Term Projects
To nurture our students’ creativity and their understanding of the language, we ask them to prepare and present different projects in each term either individually or in groups as a part of our on-going assessment system.

• Extra-curricular Activities
We encourage our students to participate in different social clubs in the Foreign Languages Centre, such as Music Club, Drama Club, Travel Club and Debate and Discussion Club, to give them the opportunity to use what they have learned in lessons outside of the classroom environment.

• Student Voice
  We hold regular meetings with our student representatives to get their opinions and suggestions about the on-going academic system. These meetings help us make adjustments to the program if and where necessary.

• Family Orientation
At the beginning of each academic year, we invite students’ families to learn about
the educational system in the Foreign Languages Centre.

• Our Classrooms
All of our classrooms are equipped with projectors and televisions, enabling students and teachers to take advantage of the benefits of technology in foreign language teaching.  The classroom environment is relaxed and comfortable, with individual desk-chairs and lockers provided. Also, there are three language laboratories enabling our students to use on-line components of our materials and to do extra-activities after their lessons.