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Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Language: Turkish
Head of Department: Assist. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Oktuğ
Phone: +90 212 498 43 46

Department of Psychology:
Department of psychology aims to develop students’ knowledge and skills about the theories and practice of modern psychology. The undergraduate program introduces the students to various subfields of psychology such as social, industrial, clinical, school, health and forensic psychology. The program offers a large-range of selective courses which will enable the students to easily move on to graduate studies in related fields. The focus of the program is on industrial and organizational psychology.
Our academic staff members are highly skilled in teaching methodology and experienced in professional arena with prestigious educational backgrounds. We aim to develop our students’ knowledge about research methodology with computer aids; to improve their critical and analytical thinking skills; to train them on effective presentations and report writing which is expected to equip them with necessary qualifications to facilitate and ensure success in work settings. Although the language of teaching is Turkish the program highly encourages language learning by offering -each term- various professional English courses. With extensive knowledge and skills that our students will gain throughout their education, our graduates will be able to approach human problems more professionally which will likely make them more effective in any position they hold in work life.